Video: Palestinian women occupy Israeli military base in West Bank to protest Gaza attack

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From the YouTube page:

Today around 4- Around 15 women reached to Beit El military camp carrying Palestinian flags and a banner that says ” “

8 women managed to climb to the roof of the military camp (though a ladder that they brought with them)- they managed to stay for around 15-20 min, before massive amounts of Israeli Soldiers realized that the women were there, surrounded the area, climbed to the roof and pulled the women down, and put them in Israeli jeeps and took them far away.

The message from todays action ” to support the Sumoud of our people in Gaza- The women chose Beit El Military camp because it is a symbol of the presence of Israeli occupation and military rule inside the westbank.”

8 women were arrested and are still under detention till this moment.

At night around 10 managed to get back to the military camp.. in attempt to release the arrested ones.. soldiers attacked them violently and tried to arrest them.

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