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December 31 2012

9 Thank you for another year of Mondoweiss
Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth, and Phil Weiss

1 Israel to take over 100 acres of land from West Bank village Beit Iksa as construction of the wall continues

13 Palestine wishes you a happy new year

15 A Palestinian village under apartheid — see for yourself

3 Roots of Resistance: The source of Palestinian power is the moral force of our cause

2 Roots of Resistance: A moment of hope

38 David Gregory covers up for the Israel lobby (even as he fingers the NRA)

December 30 2012

2 Rising rightwing in Israel is using violent provocation in West Bank to push annexation

16 Scene on an Israeli bus

16 Watch: California bill equating student activism with anti-Semitism is rubber-stamped with no debate

5 Settlers’ new tactic: Building wooden benches Palestinians can’t sit on

30 White House to announce Hagel nomination shortly, Republican Jewish Coalition reports

23 Hoenlein says Obama will pick Hagel for ‘Ministry’ of Defense — whoops, make that Defense Department

December 29 2012

36 After Islamophobic hate crime in New York City, mayor wants public to ‘keep death in perspective’
Annie Robbins and Alex Kane

10 The birth of Jesus– and the mythological birth of a Palestinian state

294 With conventional wisdom solidifying behind Hagel, will Obama finally declare on ‘Meet the Press?’

December 28 2012

7 Do not let settlers expel us from our home in Sheikh Jarrah

72 Neocons, wearing jackboots, are suddenly on the defensive over Hagel

3 Israel orders Palestinians to pay 2,500 shekels to delay home demolitions while court considers case

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Gender equality is worth struggling for. Gender equality within Constantinian Judaism isn’t.

3 Orlando paper feels it has to balance local woman’s op-ed explaining Nakba with Israeli gov’t official’s response

76 Since when is the left embracing Chuck Hagel, a nationalist, establishment figure?

December 27 2012

61 Unedited security camera footage shows Israeli officer fired at Hebron teenager after he retreated

36 The Western Wall is as political as the Apartheid Wall

26 NY mayoral hopeful Quinn urges Obama to free Pollard

34 In backing Hagel, mainstream news organizations call out the Israel lobby

10 Nakba Revisited: Syria’s Palestinians and the centrality of the right of return

December 26 2012

2 Holiday greetings from the BDS movement

1 Israel bars prisoner studies on grounds that most popular course is ‘Genocide,’ featuring Americas, Germany, Rwanda

4 ‘Save Samer, he is dying’: Samer Issawi and the plight of Palestinian hunger strikers

19 Jolly Christmas: BBC celebrates ‘return’ of a ‘lost tribe of Israel’ — and not a word about Palestinians’ right

45 Tom Friedman’s endorsement of Hagel as the DefSec Israel needs is wakeup call to Bill Kristol on Boxing Day

0 Exile and the Prophetic: Redeeming the Christmas season?

2 ‘For the first time in decades, Israel has a new university’ — Netanyahu following decision to upgrade Ariel settlement campus

8 Almost there! Help Mondoweiss reach our fundraising goal in the next six days
Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth, and Phil Weiss

18 Obamas’ Christmas card gets thumbs down over cranberries and trifle

December 25 2012

25 Exile and the Prophetic: A Christmas tree at Auschwitz

4 Israel turns again to East Jerusalem neighborhood, ordering Palestinians out

30 Bagel for Hagel?

December 24 2012

25 Why should I be accused of being Westernized?

4 Exile and the Prophetic: Narrating Palestine

8 What ceasefire? Israeli soldiers shoot five Palestinians in latest in series of violations

23 Chuck Hagel gets reinforcement from gay rights advocates, but White House is wobbling

1 Video: From Palestine on Christmas

63 Terror lurking in a Christmas tree? Israel tries to ban non-Jewish celebrations

December 23 2012

67 No surprise: Chuck Schumer refuses to stand up for Hagel
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

21 Veolia withdraws bid for North London waste contract under boycott pressure

17 Exile and the Prophetic: The United States Nakba Memorial Museum

1 Facing the wall in Bil’in

20 Preparing for the best

December 22 2012

22 Defending Hagel, Hayes & Greenwald assail neocon stranglehold on policy

23 Facebook group posts image of Zoabi as dangerous crocodile

37 Maddow slams Hagel, to neocon applause

2 If Islam is submission to God, well– journalism is submission to the Almighty State

12 Exile and the Prophetic: The day I spoke at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

0 West Bank protests held in solidarity with hunger strikers and refugees from Yarmouk camp

5 When It Hits Home: Abdelmalek’s story

December 21 2012

10 ‘Cross borders, cross pollinate’ — Rae Abileah says goodbye to Code Pink

33 Daniel Pipes wants to take down Iranian-American group so he can get a war

9 Why the ‘Washington Post’ buried the story of Murdoch’s bid to buy US presidency

40 ‘Forward’ says B’nai Jeshurun retrenched on Palestine statement under pressure from wealthy donors

28 Exile and the Prophetic: The Holocaust and Jewish power

19 Obama gets backup from broad center-left group to defy neocons and nominate Hagel
Phil Weiss with Annie Robbins

36 Lobby versus Hagel (NYT goes after his ‘record on gays’)

40 An E1 without a people for a people without an E1

14 The chancellor’s new clothes

December 20 2012

22 The wrong way to defend Chuck Hagel from neoconservative smears

4 Living under drones in Gaza

19 Bin Laden execution has claimed more innocent victims

2 Israeli attacks on media in Gaza were war crimes–Human Rights Watch

15 Update: South Africa turns up the pressure on Israel

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Branding the Holocaust

147 The nonexistent ‘Jewish lobby’ sets out to destroy Chuck Hagel

23 Abrams slams Rudoren in effort to maintain figleaf of a two-state solution over the reality of apartheid

59 So you’re thinking of Birthright: A primer by students who went on birthright for those still considering the trip

11 St. Louis city board shelves Veolia contract following activist outcry over human rights abuses

1 Cornell SJP to students: Why should you care about Israel/Palestine? Because Cornell already does.

1 US blocks UN Security Council condemnation of Israeli settlement expansion

6 Following Yarmouk attack, thousands of Palestinians flee Syria for uncertain future in Lebanon

December 19 2012

60 Israeli prediction of third intifada follows days of provocation in Hebron

5 Israeli committee bars Haneen Zoabi from upcoming elections

18 Who funds Pamela Geller? In 2010, it was a former Israel Project board member

14 Who started it?

12 Exile and the Prophetic: Michael Walzer, repeat intimidator

53 Liberal Zionists and neocons battle over Chuck Hagel

24 Gun lobby in the headlights (Israel lobby in the brush)

48 UC’s new chancellor endorses the falsehood: Criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic

1 Video: Israeli soldiers attack hunger striker Samer al-Issawi and his family during court appearance

December 18 2012

74 ‘NYT’ equates Palestinian suicide-bombers to CT school-killer
Donald Johnson

55 Hagel called for all-but normalizing relations with Iran so as to engage it as an ally on Israel-Palestine issue

3 Israeli settlement binge continues: 1,500 new Jewish-only homes approved in East Jerusalem

11 Roots of Resistance: We all have a responsibility to turn resistance into liberation

0 Roots of Resistance: The first intifada and international solidarity

December 17 2012

8 Australian activists: ‘Don’t buy Israeli apartheid for Christmas’

5 ‘National Geographic’ and the Gaza Strip

3 Exile and the Prophetic: An Israeli plots her escape from Israel

1 The mosque too small to die

58 Israeli army releases video of Dec. 12 killing of Palestinian youth at Hebron checkpoint
Alex Kane and Phil Weiss

3 ‘Jews Against Islamophobia’ condemns latest round of Geller ads in NYC

4 Cairo moves to halt Israeli demolition of Egyptian monument outside Ramallah

1 Who’s afraid of the Qassams?

0 Roots of Resistance: The first intifada in the context of Palestinian history

0 Roots of Resistance: Advent in Beit Sahour, November 5, 1989

533 In ‘Dissent’ debate, Walzer hints that leftists who focus on Israel are anti-Semitic

December 16 2012

6 Ad in South African paper boasts of ‘growing number of Jews’ who unconditionally oppose Israeli policies

7 Exile and the Prophetic: Stuck inside of Israel with the Diaspora blues again

26 Bowing to Israel lobby group, ‘NYT’ editors neuter reporters’ assertion that Israel is nixing two-state solution

19 ‘Telegraph”s Christmas gift list includes seltzer-maker produced in Occupied Territories

0 ‘You Were Sixteen’
Alice Walker

December 15 2012

7 Exile and the Prophetic: Israel’s failure and the Jewish civil war

0 Israel plans to replace mines on Jordanian border with… illegal settlements

16 Gaza, the stories that come after

78 The war over Hagel is on

29 Video: Palestinian teen slain in Hebron only saw his older brother behind bars

46 Abrams and Ross blame Palestinians for failure of peace process– and never say the word ‘settlements’

December 14 2012

6 Roots of Resistance: The iconic ‘children of the stones’

1 Roots of Resistance: Witnessing history

11 Exile and the Prophetic: Is Israel too big to fail?

7 Birzeit University group calls on Cornell to end partnership with Technion
The Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University

47 ‘We will make sure every American knows he is an anti-Semite’ — anonymous neocon threat to Hagel

3 During hour-long interview at Saban Forum, no one dared ask Lieberman about corruption case that cost him his job

5 ‘I am looking to shed some light on the predicament of a beleaguered people’ — Roger Waters’s stirring speech to UNGA
Roger Waters

21 Hebron teen was killed by Israelis minutes after buying cake for his 17th birthday — PCHR

22 Avigdor Lieberman resigns as Israeli Foreign Minister

1 Slain Hebron teenager was heartbroken over separation of his family by Israeli authorities –EI

342 Chuck Hagel said idea of going to war with Iran is ‘Alice in Wonderland’
Philip Weiss and Alex Kane

December 13 2012

21 Head of Israel lobby education group boasts of ‘fear’ political opponents feel

20 Palestinian officials hint they will go to ICC over Israel’s latest settlement plan

55 Family of teenager killed in Hebron calls fake gun story a ‘fabrication’

2 Why is City Harvest taking money from an outfit that Unicef, Oxfam and UK gov’t want nothing to do with?

11 Ethiopian immigrants subject to forced injections of contraceptive

45 Rightwing Israeli group accuses human-rights orgs of ‘emasculation’ of soldiers

267 Shlomo Sand on Zionism, post-Zionism, and the two-state solution

2 Roots of Resistance: Bringing the uprising home – Advocacy to shift US policy during the first intifada

5 Roots of Resistance: The first intifada and the non-emergence of a Palestinian state

December 12 2012

37 Lieberman’s wild claim that Europe is ignoring another Holocaust masks effort to rob Palestinians of $423 million
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

25 Poet Joy Harjo responds to boycott demands over Israeli performance by adding a West Bank visit

6 Israel violates Gaza ceasefire again, attacks unarmed farmers and solidarity activists

18 ACLU: Complaint targeting Palestine activism on campus raises ‘constitutional red flags’

80 Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron

0 Israel razes Al-Araqib for the 45th time

8 Palestinians in Israel have used the contradiction between Zionism and democracy to reconstruct their national project

6 Israeli military changes story about al-Dalou airstrike–for the fourth time

4 Roots of Resistance: Kairos Jewish/Palestine (on the 25th anniversary of the Palestinian uprising)

20 Roots of Resistance: Israeli repression reminiscent of the first intifada may provoke a new uprising

December 11 2012

8 Exile and the prophetic: Elie Wiesel and the history of the court Jew

22 ‘You have to demolish them while they’re small’ — Israel’s chief justice approves destruction of mosque

14 ADL misrepresents Israel’s map to delegation it leads of 19 Latino leaders

33 Israeli army raids three civil society offices in West Bank at 1 a.m.

35 Citing growing division among Australian Jews over Israel, cartoonist refuses to apologize for likening Gaza to Nazis’ victims

0 Authorities informed the Shamasneh family of 8 they have until New Year’s to leave their Jerusalem house and turn it over to a Jewish organization

11 Rabbi Yoffie offers racism first, so as to have his warning heeded by Israel

1 Roots of Resistance: The Palestinian people’s most democratic moment

2 Roots of Resistance: The visitors

10 Congressional staffer brags about AIPAC’s support for letter to Obama seeking retribution against Palestine

December 10 2012

14 How many before?

13 The right of return and the limits of the anti-Apartheid framework

10 Two reporters are too coy about the ‘Israeli-American establishment’ Clinton is truckling to

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Clinton’s dinner with Elie Wiesel

15 UN call on Israel to open its nuclear program is opposed by US

113 Happy Hanukkah? Thanks, but not for me

145 ‘Lincoln’ is an argument for equality in Israel and Palestine

1 On the anniversary of his death, activists name Israeli soldiers responsible for killing Mustafa Tamimi

4 Roots of Resistance: From the Galilee to Gaza – Supporting the first Intifada from inside the Green Line

0 Roots of Resistance: During the first Intifada Palestinians used our most strategic asset — our people

2 Rise of Hamas and failed peace process lead Israeli leaders and media to warn of ‘third Intifada’

December 9 2012

42 Updated: Report: Obama will travel to Israel

57 Two-state process has been ‘a charade’ for two decades

4 Exile and the prophetic: Hope against hope

20 Wieseltier holds on to a ‘lost cause,’ Jewish support for Israel

25 Shorter NYT profile of Hillary Clinton: Bill and I dined with our old friend Elie Wiesel recently

4 Roots of Resistance: Khaled’s story

11 In Honor of Titans

December 8 2012

78 Another ‘NYT’ reporter goes to Gaza and offers condescending anthropological observations on social media

97 Meshaal arrives in Palestine, calls for unification

37 Merkel squirms during Netanyahu’s love song to ‘special relationship’

3 Exile and the prophetic: The rabbis before them

7 Four Pacific island nations dodge questions on their UN opposition to Palestine

319 Joseph and Mary can’t make it to Bethlehem, on Banksy’s Christmas card

30 Israel could only survive by ‘killing all the Arabs’– Netanyahu’s father

December 7 2012

22 For Lena Dunham, Palestine is invisible

4 Human Rights Watch says Israeli airstrike on Dalou home was ‘clear violation of the laws of war’

44 Another Jew describes his journey away from Zionism

48 Video: Gurvitz says settlers threaten to detonate a civil war

43 ‘J Street’ and ‘Peace Now’ say it’s now or never for Obama to bring Netanyahu to heel

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Question for B’nai Jeshurun – What red line needs to be crossed for you to speak out without reservation?

1 Bil’in’s photojournalist Hamde Abu Rahma is preparing a book

35 Tapper grills Carney on special relationship: ‘There’s no consequences. They’ll do whatever and you’ll–’

2 Did Philip Gourevitch rush to the Congo partly to protect his tarnished reputation?

0 UN: 120 houses destroyed, 3000 displaced during latest Israeli attack on Gaza

December 6 2012

0 New York panel on Islamophobia talks U.S. empire, Zionism and how to fight back

0 Video: Writers reflect on the Palestine Festival of Literature in Gaza

27 One day later: B’nai Jeshurun leaders regret voicing support for Palestine UN bid

40 Israel’s annexation moment has arrived

4 Exile and the prophetic: Rabbi Gordis’s ‘innermost circle’ of caring

1 Demolitions: Jerusalemite forced to demolish his house, and Hebron family, grocery and marble factory served orders

8 Will Israel’s government investigate the Israeli billionaire who is looting the Congo?

17 Robert Siegel’s performance at the Saban Forum

35 How the settler vote is driving Israeli politics more and more rightward

195 Jonathan Cook on liberal Zionism

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Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth, and Phil Weiss

December 5 2012

27 New J Street spokesperson promoted GOP ‘Palestinian culture of hate’ comments in his last job

11 Targeted and entrapped: Why Ahmed Ferhani is a symbol of the NYPD’s abuses

4 Following the UN vote, the Dalu family calls for the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel

3 I want to return! (whether Facebook cares or not)

160 Why I joined Mondoweiss

11 Makdisi: E1 sets the stage for one state

7 From the ruins of Israel’s latest assault, Gaza has questions for Obama

5 Chilly protesters of Oren call on NY Jewish community center to open its doors to dissenters

5 ‘New York Times’ reporter in Congo is revealed as incompetent

23 Several mainstream publications say the two-state solution is dead

1 Exile and the Prophetic: An acknowledged future

22 Scott Roth joins Mondoweiss as publisher

13 Liberal American Jewish orgs break with Israel over UN vote, settlements

1 Israeli army officer in South Hebron Hills: ‘Today we demolish the mosque but as soon as we get the court order we will demolish your house as well’

December 4 2012

5 Out with the old Islamophobe, in with the new: Texas Republican tapped to chair Homeland Security committee

0 Farmers in the Gaza buffer zone

3 Scenes to remember (during the war)

25 Khalidi, Karon and Bronner (!) deliver a post mortem for the two-state solution

40 Visit Hillary Clinton’s settlement

13 Exile and the prophetic: Israel’s original sin

270 It’s time for the media to talk about Zionism

5 Israeli settlement binge continues — 1,700 more illegal units expedited & settlers take over apts in East Jerusalem

December 3 2012

21 Former Israeli diplomat: Netanyahu doesn’t want a two-state solution (and it’s about time Washington figured this out)

17 Rahm Emanuel says Netanyahu has repeatedly betrayed US friendship and embarrassed Obama yet again

5 Redgrave and Spence School choir allow New Yorkers to view Partition from an Arab perspective

8 Israel violates ceasefire, attacks Gaza fishermen — who is holding Israel accountable?

3 Exile and the Prophetic: The recycled air of the Jewish establishment

8 The struggle to define the one state in Israel/Palestine

2 Iyad Burnat explains the resistance in Ohio

6 The day after

113 ‘America and Israel are in it together,’ Clinton declares– and nary a word about settlements

December 2 2012

6 Israel demonstrates sovereignty over occupied territories by stamping passports of West Bank visitors ‘Judea and Samaria only’

28 Journalist teaches students to join no party and sign no petitions for any cause — oh except one

16 Questions of war crimes remain as Israel shifts explanation on strike that killed 10 people from same family

0 A day in the sun for Gaza, or more of the same?

16 Exile and the prophetic: Amos Oz leaves out Edward Said and Sara Roy

97 Bill Maher says Islam and Christianity are ‘warlike religions’ but Israel ‘kicked ass’ in its ‘little war’

December 1 2012

174 Charting the ‘peace process’

1 Arrests of Gaza fishermen continue despite ceasefire agreement

7 The Gazan state– and the West Bank Bantustans

6 Exile and the prophetic: Avoiding the Hague

12 Bradley Manning testifies about how the Obama administration tried to break him

52 NPR host Siegel serves as moderator for Avigdor Lieberman at Saban gala