ADL misrepresents Israel’s map to delegation it leads of 19 Latino leaders

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In reaching out to potential new sources of support for Israel in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League took a group of 19 “influential” Latino leaders to Israel and the occupied territories in late November.

But the trip seriously misrepresented the political landscape:

The Latino leaders visited key Christian and Jewish holy sites and traveled to various parts of the country, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. They also met with ordinary Israelis living in the south of the country who are regularly victimized by indiscriminate rocket fire from terrorists in Gaza, and traveled along the security fence that separates Israel and the West Bank.

Note the photo indicating that the Golan Heights is part of Israel. Also, note the reference to Jerusalem (evidently all of it) being part of Israel. And then there’s the inaccurate reference to the “security fence” as separating Israel and the West Bank when most of it runs well inside the West Bank. As anyone who has visited the West Bank and East Jerusalem and seen the wall knows, this is a flagrant misrepresentation of reality to American visitors.

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