Bil’in’s photojournalist Hamde Abu Rahma is preparing a book

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Hamde Abu Rahme
Hamde Abu Rahma

Anyone who has gone to the village of Bil’in’s weekly protest in the West Bank has seen the man above, the cheerful and fearless Hamde Abu Rahma, a Palestinian photo-journalist who has taken great risks, and been injured, as he documents peaceful resistance. You can watch him filming a night raid by soldiers here, and confronting one of them: “Why I should stop? I can’t take pictures of you; you take pictures of me.” And here’s a short documentary about his work, “Peace Photographer,” in which he movingly describes the killing of his cousin Bassem by Israeli soldiers and his discovery of his vocation.

Abu Rahma is working on a book. Here’s his press release. And you can go to the link to donate.

Roots Run Deep – Life in West Bank Palestine is an exciting project for those who would like to share and understand life in Palestine. This is a photographic insight into life under inhuman and relentless military occupation of Palestine for the last six decades. Through the incisive camera lens of the award winning photo journalist Hamde Abu Rahma, it’s a dream come true to share his extraordinary and heart wrenching journey and experiences in his beloved home. Living in the picturesque village of Bil’in west of Ramallah, he showcases everyday life in a village that prides itself as an example of peaceful resistance whilst living under occupation. Hamde shares intimate and personal images of everyday life in Palestine. The book shows the exceptional beauty of the land, members of his family and the village community who go about their daily lives under extreme hardships. He not only highlights the day to day problems of his village but has also captured lighter moments showing off Hamde’s fun side.

Professionally Hamde presents a remarkable insight into life in and around Bilin. Through Hamde’s lens we are able to witness remarkable scenes of living under apartheid. He allows us to see what Palestinians face on a daily basis. The constant harassment by the Israeli army, the partition wall, the humiliation of checkpoints, the destruction of homes, farms and ever expanding settlements built by the Israelis. Short documentary about Hamde’s life.

Hamde faces tear gas, rubber bullets, humiliation and intimidation from the army on regular basis yet putting all this aside as an occupational hazard he pursues his passion photograpying relentlessly to show and share man’s inhumanity to their fellow humans , Hamde filming Night Raid in Bilin  . His most important message to the world is “My heart is deeply in this holiest of land and the roots of Palestine run even deeper.”

I am preparing to print my first photography book to bring greater awareness of the Palestinian cause and my hope is it will be a record of Palestine. The book will hold a mixture of my professional shots taken in the West Bank and some personal pictures which illustrate everyday life at home. In order to to publish this essential piece of work I am looking for support from my friends to donate towards this project. I hope you will support my work with your generous donations. 

To donate by paypal email the following address, [email protected]

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  1. Annie Robbins
    December 7, 2012, 12:46 pm

    Hamde Abu Rahma is also a frequent Mondoweiss contributor. you can read his reports which include many of his photos here:

    there are too many amazing photos to call out each one. but one of my fav’s is the last one in this post:

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