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Daniel Pipes wants to take down Iranian-American group so he can get a war

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Daniel Pipes as seen in the movie “2016: Obama’s America.” (Screenshot via AP)

The right-wing Middle East Forum has the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) in its sights for one reason: it wants a war on Iran, and NIAC is trying to stop that from happening. Details of the smear campaign against NIAC were revealed in a piece by The American Independent’s Eli Clifton. Clifton reports that the Middle East Forum’s Legal Project is “increasingly the go-to funder” for anti-Muslim activists like Geert Wilders who find themselves in legal trouble. The group is headed by leading Islamophobe and neoconservative Daniel Pipes.

In September, Reuters reported that the Middle East Forum funded Dutch citizen Wilders’ defense when he was charged with “inciting hatred against Muslims,” as Clifton writes. But the revelation that the Middle East Forum funded the legal defense of a writer who smeared the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is a new one reported by Clifton.

Here’s what Clifton reported:

In one recent case, the Legal Project “coordinated and financed the defense” of a writer who was fighting a defamation lawsuit filed by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

NIAC, which is based in Washington, DC, advocates non-military strategies towards resolving tensions over Iran’s nuclear program and opposes “broad sanctions that hurt ordinary Iranians,” according to the organization’s website. In 2008, NIAC and its director, Trita Parsi, accused Seid Hassan Daioleslam of writing a series of defamatory articles suggesting that Parsi and NIAC were agents of the Iranian government.

On September 13, U.S. District Judge John Bates dismissed the suit on the grounds that NIAC had failed to show evidence of actual malice but noted he wasn’t assessing the accuracy of Daioleslam’s claims.

Through its journal, the Middle East Quarterly, The Middle East Forum had its own connection to Daioleslam’s attacks on NIAC.

Emails that emerged in the discovery phase of the lawsuit show Michael Rubin, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and frequent advocate of regime change in Iran, advising Daioleslam on how best to criticize NIAC and Parsi. NIAC provided the emails to The American Independent.

Pipes and his organization set out to destroy NIAC and smear the organization as shills and lobbyists for the Iranian regime (never mind the fact they frequently criticize the regime’s human rights abuses.) The Pipes-led organization’s focus on NIAC is a departure from its usual focus on Islam, since NIAC is a secular organization. But the Middle East Forum’s focus on NIAC does fit into the neoconservative group’s leader’s larger worldview about Iran.

NIAC has been working doggedly to prevent an American attack on Iran and has spoken out against crushing sanctions harming the Iranian citizenry. They have been attacked because NIAC members have met with White House officials.

So Pipes really wants his war on Iran, and NIAC is working day in and day out to prevent that from happening. In February 2010, Pipes authored a National Review piece calling for President Obama to bomb Iran in order to save his presidency. “He needs a dramatic gesture to change the public perception of him as a light-weight, bumbling ideologue, preferably in an arena where the stakes are high, where he can take charge, and where he can trump expectations,” wrote Pipes. “Such an opportunity does exist: Obama can give orders for the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear-weapon capacity…The time to act is now, or, on Obama’s watch, the world will soon become a much more dangerous place.”

Pipes has also advocated for the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (MEK), the Iranian cult-like group recently taken off the State Department’s terrorist list. The MEK is suspected of working with Israeli intelligence to carry out assassinations of Iranian scientists and has engaged in attacks in the past that have killed Americans. But for Pipes, the MEK is the perfect vehicle to overthrow the Iranian regime. “The argument to maintain the MeK’s terrorist designation is baseless,” Pipes wrote in another National Review piece. “With one simple signature, the Obama administration can help empower Iranians to seize control over their destiny — and perhaps end the mullahs’ mad nuclear dash.” That ignores the fact that the MEK is shunned by many Iranians–including the opposition movement.

And Pipes, amazingly enough, advocated for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to remain in office as Iran’s president because Ahmadinejad’s bellicose rhetoric would make a war on Iran more likely–a war that would have catastrophic consequences, lead to the deaths of innocent Iranians and potentially set off a regional conflagration.

The other part of Pipes’ worldview that explains why he wanted to smear NIAC is his statements indicating that he is afraid of people of Middle Eastern-descent organizing in the U.S. against neoconservative goals. He advocates for the racial profiling of Muslims. And the Institute for Policy Studies project Right Web notes that “after a plot to attack Fort Dix, New Jersey was uncovered, the right-wing National Review Online asked Pipes and others what lessons they drew from the events. Pipes responded: ‘Immigrants seeking refuge in the West must be grilled for their attitudes toward our civilization, our religion, and politics.’” Those statements show that Pipes believes immigrants and Muslims–Iranians no doubt included–need to be watched and be intimidated. 

Pipes and his group’s attempt to take down NIAC and smear them as agents of the Iranian government have not worked, but as Clifton’s reporting shows, they’re working overtime towards that goal. For Pipes, taking down NIAC seems to be an important step on the path towards the neoconservative movement’s wish for a war on Iran.

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33 Responses

  1. irmep
    December 21, 2012, 4:28 pm

    Pretty amazing that the org that provided safe haven to an AIPAC exec credibly accused of espionage advances a foreign agent attack.

    The hard-core Israel lobbying organizations, which have successfully resisted direct orders to register as foreign agents,

    should clearly be the first priority of any DOJ attempt to enforce FARA and show that justice is blind.

  2. David Doppler
    December 21, 2012, 4:48 pm

    Thanks, Alex.

    Maybe another front to open in the Hagel nomination war is in terms of warmongers vs saner more realistic cooler heads. Wars are very unpopular in the US, including in the military, those who lied us into Iraq have yet to be held accountable, and, to the extent those opposing Hagel are demonstrably war-mongering, as your article details of Pipes, it is fair game to paint his opposition as a coalition of Middle East War Mongers, which leads into a discussion of the merits of putting mid-western conservative realists back at the controls. Anti-Semitism not a necessary part of the discussion. Easier ground for many to navigate than some Israel loyalty litmus test.

  3. gingershot
    December 21, 2012, 5:05 pm

    Pipes is as revolting as a Neocon comes… which is saying a lot with Richard Perle and David Horowitz as contestants.

    If Israel and her Neocons can’t get their war on Iran – Israeli Apartheid is toast.

    And they know it

    This desperation can be used against them – just as Palestine with ICC-access was created in the aftermath of the failed Netanyahu push for war earlier this fall.

    Netanyahu was so blindly committed in successfully getting his war with Iran that he literally didn’t have a Plan B.

    That’s why I think a successful Chuck Hagel nomination – taking an attack on Iran off the table for 4 years – will mean a critical mass of 4 yrs of anti-Apartheid dismantling of Israel and the end of Pipe’s safe haven

    Dismantling Israeli Apartheid will be enormously destabilizing to these Neocons in the US and perhaps will be the time to really remove them from their levers of power

  4. quercus
    December 21, 2012, 7:07 pm

    “Immigrants seeking refuge in the West must be grilled for their attitudes toward our civilization, our religion, and politics.” Which is our religion, Mr. Pipes? Pray, do tell us. And I am so ignorant not to have realized that Mr. Pipes speaks for the “West”?

    What an idiot!

  5. danielmate
    December 21, 2012, 8:42 pm

    Put a long white wig on Pipes and he’s a dead ringer for Saruman the White, the turncoat Tolkien wizard, as played by Christopher Lee.

  6. Annie Robbins
    December 21, 2012, 9:51 pm

    The Pipes-led organization’s focus on NIAC is a departure from its usual focus on Islam, since NIAC is a secular organization. But the Middle East Forum’s focus on NIAC does fit into the neoconservative group’s leader’s larger worldview about Iran.

    ‘focus on Islam’ is merely the Middle East Forum’s idea of low hanging fruit. they could care less. they want war and are either feeling desperate,or empowered. going after parsi , he’s the bomb baby. they want to take him down. Islam/shmizlam, it’s all a game to them. they’re fakes. they want war and will do anything to achieve it.

    ok, that’s just off the top of my head. i will go read the rest of your cliff hanging article now alex.

  7. Annie Robbins
    December 21, 2012, 10:00 pm

    he [Pipes]is afraid of people of Middle Eastern-descent organizing in the U.S. against neoconservative goals.

    he should be afraid of the rest if us organizing in the U.S. against neoconservative goals too.

    killer article alex

  8. Nevada Ned
    December 21, 2012, 10:48 pm

    Daniel Pipes runs the so-called Middle East Forum (MEF). It’s really not a “forum”, which implies an exchange of views. The MEF is a one-sided outfit, crawling with neoconservatives. For example, it has run pieces by
    – Danny Danon, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset.
    – Efraim Karsh, Israeli historian
    – Steven J. Rosen, who somehow beat the rap in the AIPAC Israeli spy scandal (the Larry Franklin case).
    – Martin Kramer, an American Jew who moved to Israel and ended up with the Moshe Dayan Institute for Strategic Studies, then moved back to the US.

    Who’s funding this operation? Daniel Pipes refuses to say. And THAT tells us something.

    Of course, we can all guess who’s funding it!

  9. seafoid
    December 21, 2012, 11:05 pm

    Here’s a picture of what Zionism at war does . The Dalua family used to live here

    It is such a tragedy for Judaism that someone like Pipes has influence. He should be in a psychiatric institution.

    How did antisemitism come to mean opposition to pre emptive war?

  10. Qualtrough
    December 22, 2012, 1:55 am

    I find it telling that so much of the pro-Zionist effort is dedicated to persuading people that the ‘enemies’ of Zionism (Palestinians, Arabs, Islam, etc.) are a species apart and deserving of our fear and hate. When your prime goal is persuading people to hate entire categories of other people it is probably a good time to take a look in the mirror and rethink what you are doing.

    • gingershot
      December 22, 2012, 10:01 am

      I totally agree.

      The problem is that a lot of it is just ‘so cynical’ that people who don’t know these Israelis/neocons/ (and Jewish) culture well don’t realize that many are proud as pie of any lying, smearing, or doing anything necessary to further the tribe

      ‘They’ use that – just like they use the holocaust/anti-semitic card to cover themselves and the setting up of an Apartheid state and ethnic cleansing – just like a Bernie Madoff or Jane Harman might use an ‘anti-semitic’ smear to prevent an investigation into his Ponzi Schemes or being caught redhande with her Mossad cooperation against the US – and laugh that it actually worked

      This is certainly not exclusive to Jewish Tribalism – it’s used by anybody or any organized crime family that’s smart enough to do it

      neocons have hidden themselves behind the smear of anti-semitism – it’s the near perfect crime because they get to smear you as anti-semitic before you can get at their neocon crime.

      If there has ever been a more cynical ruse ever pulled on the world please let me know – I’m definitely interested in comparisons

      Here’s a comparison – brainwashed US soldiers going into MaiLai village and getting some payback and telling themselves all’s fair in love and war. But believing that so deeply they don’t have PTSD experiences about it.

      That’s the ‘tradition’ and culture brainwashing of these neocons – rather than having PTSD experiences about it they sit back and have a good laugh that the goyim still haven’t found a way around their ‘get out of jail free card’

  11. DICKERSON3870
    December 22, 2012, 2:58 am

    RE: “Daniel Pipes wants to take down Iranian-American group so he can get a war”


    [EXCERPTS] Team B was a competitive analysis exercise commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1970s to analyze threats the Soviet Union posed to the security of the United States. . .
    . . . It is the third team, chaired by Harvard University professor Richard Pipes [Daniel Pipes’ father – J.L.D.], that ultimately received considerable publicity and is most commonly referred to as Team B. . .[4]
    . . . The Team B reports became the intellectual foundation for the idea of “the window of vulnerability” and of the massive arms buildup that began toward the end of the Carter administration and accelerated under President Ronald Reagan.[4]
    Some scholars and policy-makers, such as Anne Cahn of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, later criticized the Team B project’s findings.[5][6] . . .
    . . . According to Fred Kaplan, “In retrospect, the Team B report (which has since been declassified) turns out to have been wrong on nearly every point.[27] . . .
    . . . Team B came to the conclusion in their report [28] that the Soviets had or could develop an entirely new anti-submarine detection system that used a system that did not depend on sound and was, thus, undetectable by contemporary Western technology, even though no evidence existed for it or its deployment, other than money spent on research, and when the Western experts believed that such a system would be impossible.
    When the CIA argued that the economic chaos in the Soviet Union was hindering their ability to produce an air defense system, Team B countered by arguing that the Soviet Union was trying to deceive the American public and claimed that the Russian air defense system worked perfectly. Some members were even considering promoting a first strike policy against the U.S.S.R.[8][11][29]
    Team B also concluded that the Soviet Union did not adhere to the doctrine of mutual assured destruction, but rather believed it could win a nuclear war outright. [Richard] Pipes — in his ‘Commentary’ article — argued that CIA suffered from “mirror-imaging” (i.e., from assuming that the other side had to-and did-think and evaluate exactly the same way) . . .

    SOURCE –

    P.S. “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but facts will never sway us.” ~ Neocon Creed (This creed also works for Team B, Republicans, Fox News, Fundies, etc.)

  12. Avi_G.
    December 22, 2012, 6:28 am

    You can tell a lot about a person from his/her photo. The hatred is strong in that one.

    • Citizen
      December 22, 2012, 7:42 am

      He sure looks like a comic book stereotype of a demonic or devilish man. Just the kinda guy that would be the adversary, the arch nemesis of the super hero. (He sure does not look like the Israeli comic book hero, does he?) I bet if you showed the photo of Pipes to an average Dick or Jane, and asked, “Who do you think this guy is, and what do you think he does for a living?” Either would probably loose a chuckle or two, and say, “I dunno–An Arab terrorist? Aw, just kiddin’! Beats me! Who is he?” And when you told Dick or Jane, either would say, “Huh? Beats me; I don’t know anything about that stuff.”

    • American
      December 22, 2012, 1:21 pm

      Pipes is vile.
      During Bush Jr’s term I found out he had been appointed to the US ”Peace Institute’, if you can believe that.
      It so pissed me off I called their office to express my disgust/astonishment …the woman I spoke to in their RP office or whatever it was sounded so apologetic about Pipes … she told me with a huge sigh that his term was going end shortly…like she herself was relieved they would be rid of this cretin embarrassment.

    • MRW
      December 22, 2012, 5:43 pm

      Agree, Avi_G.,

      He looks like the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had the same hateful xenophobic eyes.

  13. seanmcbride
    December 22, 2012, 9:27 am

    # Daniel Pipes categories
    1. anti-Muslim activist
    2. anti-Muslim militant
    3. Campus Watch founder
    4. CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) member
    5. Christian Zionism supporter
    6. Clash of Civilizations ringleader
    7. Commentary Magazine writer
    8. CSP (Center for Security Policy) supporter
    9. FPRI (Foreign Policy Research Institute) director
    10. Frank Gaffney supporter
    11. Geert Wilders supporter
    12. Global War on Terror ringleader
    13. Greater Israel supporter
    14. Guardian of Zion Award winner
    15. Harvard University graduate
    16. Hoover Institution member
    17. Iran War ringleader
    18. Iraq War ringleader
    19. Islamophobe
    20. Israel lobby leader
    21. Israeli citizen
    22. Israeli op
    23. Jerusalem Post writer
    24. Jew
    25. Jewish activist
    26. Jewish Islamophobe
    27. Jewish lobby leader
    28. Jewish neoconservative
    29. Jewish World Review member
    30. Jewish Zionist
    31. Likud supporter
    32. MEK (Mujahadeen-e-Khalq) supporter
    33. Middle East Forum founder
    34. Middle East Forum member
    35. Middle East Quarterly writer
    36. Mossad op?
    37. National Review writer
    38. neoconservative
    39. New York Post writer
    40. New York Sun writer
    41. Pamela Geller supporter
    42. PNAC (Project for the New American Century) member
    43. pro-Israel activist
    44. pro-Israel militant
    45. religious Jew
    46. Republican
    47. Richard Pipes son
    48. Rudy Giuliani adviser
    49. torture supporter
    50. Vietnam War supporter
    51. Washington Post writer
    52. WINEP (Washington Institute for Near East Policy) member
    53. World War III/IV ringleader
    54. Yeshiva University honorary doctorate
    55. Zionist

    By the way, I wonder if tokyobk, or anyone else, would object to Daniel Pipes being described as a leader of the Jewish lobby, not just the Israel lobby, and, if so, why.

    • Mooser
      December 23, 2012, 8:21 pm

      “By the way, I wonder if tokyobk, or anyone else, would object to Daniel Pipes being described as a leader of the Jewish lobby, not just the Israel lobby, and, if so, why.”

      Just go to and look at the organisational chart. Tells you everything you need to know, and a whole lot more besides.
      My favorite part of the website is the “Keeping Up” page. It shows who has applied for membership in the Jewish Lobby and whether they’ve been approved, or did not meet the standards. Sean you might be interested in this page: several of the individuals and org you list have recently been suspended for late dues payments or other infractions of Lobby rules.

      The “Imprimaturs” page also warns people about and lists those organisations who claim to be in the Jewish Lobby, but are not. They simply don’t meet the standards, or have never even made application, or have claimed affiliation before the approval process was complete. Remember, ♪Look for the Jewish Lobby Label, when you are…. ♪ (Apologies to ILGWU)

      • seanmcbride
        December 24, 2012, 5:29 pm


        Just go to and look at the organisational chart. Tells you everything you need to know, and a whole lot more besides.

        Actually, you would do better to visit the home page of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations:

        and survey the list of member organizations.

        I am currently working with two tentative definitions of “the Jewish lobby”:

        1. The Jewish lobby: the set of Jewish organizations and individuals worldwide that work together to promote Jewish and Israeli interests.

        2. The Jewish lobby: the worldwide social, organizational, political, financial, cultural and propaganda network that lobbies for Jewish and Israeli interests.

        What do you think? Do those definitions make sense?

        Jewish lobbying organizations often use variations of the words “Jewish,” “Israeli,” “Zionist,” “Hebrew,” etc. in their names, for instance:

        1. AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel)

        2. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

        3. AJC (American Jewish Committee)

        4. CJC (Canadian Jewish Congress)

        5. Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

        6. ECI (Emergency Committee for Israel)

        7. ECJC (European Council of Jewish Communities)

        8. EJC (European Jewish Congress)

        9. ICJP (International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians)

        10. JDL (Jewish Defense League)

        11. JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America)

        12. JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs)

        13. JPPI (Jewish People Policy Institute)

        14. NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council)

        15. RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition)

        16. The Israel Project

        17. WJC (World Jewish Congress)

        18. ZOA (Zionist Organization of America)

        The ideology that binds all these Jewish organizations together is Zionism — Jewish nationalism, Israeli patriotism.

        Now, the interesting question is this: why would anyone try to deny the existence of a lobby that is so conspicuous in American politics?

      • Mooser
        December 31, 2012, 1:01 pm

        “Now, the interesting question is this: why would anyone try to deny the existence of a lobby that is so conspicuous in American politics?”

        Well, to tell you the truth, the ones I feel sorry for are the organisations which were refused entry to the “Jewish Lobby”. Couldn’t meet the standards.

        Okay Sean, I’m tired of this game, you ready for the big reveal? Well here it is: The word “Jewish” is about as exclusive as the “Family Values” moniker is. Any vile body with the money and the megaphone and the chutzpah can call itself “Jewish” this or Jewish that. Hell, Sean, I could start a “Jewish Man-Boy Love Association” and nobody could say bupkis. And if you don’t know that, the very obvious and basic fact that Judaism, and/or Jews have no control at all over how the word “Jewish” is used or what it is used to represent you don’t know squat about Judaism or Jews and that’s really obvious to anyone who does, okay?
        As to why you wish to assist the Zionists in this matter, well, I wish I could say it was a mystery to me.

  14. justicewillprevail
    December 22, 2012, 10:07 am

    You do wonder about the sanity of a man so driven by hatred as Pipes. Obsessed by forcing a country into another quagmire of a war, he would be treated with disdain and contempt by any reasonable government,if not charged with sedition. Hilarious and sinister in equal measure, he manages to accuse everybody else of sins he himself exemplifies – working on behalf of a foreign government (check), with different, incompatible values (check), promoting terrorism (check), sowing hatred and discord (check), in favour of endless war, sacrifices to be made by young Americans, with no benefits to anyone (check). Dont’ judge others by your own values, Daniel.

  15. gingershot
    December 22, 2012, 2:10 pm

    jim lobe at lobelog has an article up regarding this as well:
    ‘Eli’s Story on Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum’
    “Eli shows that the American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin coached the defendant in the case, Seid Hassan Daioleslam, on how to mount an effective attack on NIAC and president Trita Parsi “

  16. Ramzi Jaber
    December 22, 2012, 3:43 pm

    just mentioning the name pipes makes me sick…………. another criminal zionist with blood on his hands.

    • Annie Robbins
      December 22, 2012, 10:05 pm

      ramzi, we do have a wonderful commenter named rusty pipes. just saying.

      • Ramzi Jaber
        December 23, 2012, 12:41 am

        You’re right Annie, I should have specified it’s daniel pipes. Apologies rusty ;-)

  17. seafoid
    December 23, 2012, 6:00 pm

    I’d like to see Mondo covering the issue of PTSD and the 2.2 million Americans who served in the War on Terror.

    Many Americans did inhuman things in Iraq and Afghan and are broken as a result.

    There must be similar results in Israel but we never hear about them either.

    Pipes is an armchair warrior. None of his kids will ever descend into madness as a result of his wars.

    • Mooser
      December 31, 2012, 12:51 pm

      “Many Americans did inhuman things in Iraq and Afghan and are broken as a result.”

      And I’ve heard the Iraquis and Afghanis had it pretty rough, too. Oh, it’s probably just an unconfirmed rumor.

      Just amazing how deeply the habit of blaming the victim gets into our souls.

    • Mooser
      December 31, 2012, 1:09 pm

      “Many Americans did inhuman things in Iraq and Afghan and are broken as a result.”

      Gosh, and the thing which kept me from volunteering was the all the officers giving orders. Wow, if I had known you could just go over there and go nuts on the people.

      Yup, blame the victim and excuse the officers and the policy. It’s like a rot in our soul.
      BTW, Seafoid, don’t discount the possibiulity that the US Army has vaqst experience in knowing what kind of man is suitable for the job. If your policy and mission is criminally insane, well, you gotta find the right men for the job.

  18. unverified__3k2b04dk
    December 31, 2012, 11:20 am

    As an American Iranian, I can tell you that National Iranian American Council (NIAC) does NOT represent me as it is a mouth-piece for the abhorrent Iranian terrorist-supporting Islamist regime in Tehran.

    • talknic
      December 31, 2012, 12:11 pm

      Which regime would you prefer in Iran?

    • gamal
      December 31, 2012, 2:39 pm

      but this is something that Amercan’s are going to have to get used too, in the same way that “Jews” and Jews will have to release their unhealthy rictus grip to the Holocaust, Americans are soon going to have to dispense with “terrorist” if you have any hope of understanding what is happening in the world, and extremist and all that pointless deluding argot with which “Liberals” and “leftists” try to articulate anything worth hearing, that disguises the fact that it is we under attack not you.
      I made it to Jamaica, damn, things tough, been here a week, my friends are nearly starving, poverty is also an embargo a blockade, a crime, its one struggle, their are no terrorists, or extremists Americans had better start thinking about these issues in a new way.

      I was going to say something about one of Donalds apparently humane posts, i was set to thinking by one MarionL’zionist, about these ideas of guilt, blame and effective action, but i am in a Junction internet cafe, so i will be brief, once you have started trying to puzzle out what is justified by your abuse or what is moral for the abused to do in response, you have already abandoned any kind of worthwhile humanity, my feeling is that you should be made to join a nya binghi drumming circle with the Dreadlocks dem, and smoke the chalice pipe till you hear the Voice of Prophesy, beats a boring conversation with a Rabbi, Sheikh or Priest, even the Christians realize the Holy is within, we have no authority to demand squat from our victims, who are legion, privilege aint free, its cost is incalculable, full actualized humanity is one of them, discernibly.
      Long Live The Axis of Resistance, who ever that happens to be at any one time.

      lovely jamaica, buts its chaos and you can get yourself shot if you stupid and my friends despite their obvious talents are dirt poor, a man like M could make millions in the US, here its impossible because of conditions imposed by the hegemon, its a crime, it corrupts everything.

  19. Divest
    January 1, 2013, 6:34 pm

    NIAC’s efforts at lobbying in DC against a war with Iran are admirable, and deserve our full support.

    But we also need to worry about a unilateral Israeli attack that would then drag the US into another regional war.

    One way to prevent this scenario would be in (nonviolently) increase the cost to Israel of a preemptive attack on Iran, through a pledge to BOYCOTT ISRAEL IF IT BOMBS IRAN.

    Please sign the pledge at:

    And please spread the word.

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