Facebook group posts image of Zoabi as dangerous crocodile

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More evidence of the disturbingly racist discourse in Israel: Ofer Neiman and Sol Salbe say this image featuring the face of Haneen Zoabi, the Israeli Palestinian member of Knesset who has been barred from running for reelection, appeared on a widely-read page on Facebook (which I cannot access, url below). From Neiman:

Sol Salbe shared ‎תל אביב אחרת‎’s photo. Racist meme plays off the similarity in Hebrew between Hanin [Zoabi] and tanin (Hebrew for crocodile: Danger, Hanin.

Didi Remez: This is from a page of a substantial size in Israeli terms (126 000 followers). It’s English name is Fun Tel Aviv. I’m always amazed at our ability as a society to be shocked at cartoons with similar motifs emanating from Arab sources, screaming Gevalt and antisemitism, but not batting an eye when we encounter such phenomena here.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=387490994672088&set=a.322453377842517.76175.321648987922956&type=1&theater

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