Israeli army releases video of Dec. 12 killing of Palestinian youth at Hebron checkpoint

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The Israeli military has released, on an Arabic YouTube channel, this surveillance video of the shooting of Mohammed Salayme last Wednesday, Dec. 12, at a checkpoint in Hebron. 

The captions on the video describe a “Palestinian male” arriving at the checkpoint– the “border police” — talking to an officer, then attacking that officer. Then the male is “neutralized” by others. Gunfire is clearly visible.

In earlier accounts, the Israelis said that Salayme was carrying a toy gun and threatened the border police before an officer fired six shots at him. Does anyone see a gun in Salayme’s hand? He appears to be swinging a plastic bag.

Also Allison Deger notes that there is a skip in the video at second 24 or so. Was something edited out?

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