New J Street spokesperson promoted GOP ‘Palestinian culture of hate’ comments in his last job

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The days of being disappointed in J Street are long gone, but this does seem to be a new low. First the JTA:

Alan Elsner, a veteran journalist whose last job was helping to helm The Israel Project, joined J Street as its top spokesman.

Elsner was executive director of The Israel Project until September, when Josh Block, the former spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, was named TIP president.

Elsner, a longtime Reuters journalist and a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, is J Street’s latest hire from a centrist pro-Israel group, and probably the highest profile.

The statement announcing Elsner’s hire on Monday said there was no contradiction between his strong pro-Israel credentials and the group, which advocates a more assertive U.S. role in bringing about Israeli-Arab peace and an Israeli retreat from settlement building.

Want a sample of Elsner’s work at The Israel Project? Here’s the intro to a primer he authored on “Newt Gingrich and the Palestinian Culture of Hate“:

Republican Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann both raised the way Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis and Jews in last weekend’s GOP debate. Here are some facts about this Palestinian “culture of hate.”

And the hate wasn’t limited to just Palestinians. Here is Elsner writing on how the Arab world is responding to the Republican primary:

Their commentaries show that the “culture of hate” that still persists in much of the Arab world toward Jews and Israel also colors views toward the U.S. democratic process.

J Street, how exactly do these attitudes redefine what it means to be pro-Israel in America? Actually, seems par for the course.

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