Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Hebron

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Khalil protest
Palestinians confront heavily armed Israeli soldiers in a nonviolent demonstration in Hebron, West Bank, on June 5, 2012. Photo by RRB/

Reports are coming in that a teenager in the Old City of Hebron has been killed by Israeli soldiers. 

The Associated Press has an initial run-down of the incident:

An Israeli police spokesman says a Palestinian was killed after he threatened officers near a holy site in the West Bank.

Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says a group of police officers were on guard near the site in Hebron when a Palestinian approached, pulled out a handgun and aimed it at them in a threatening way.

Rosenfeld says the officers opened fire, killing the man. He says the gun later turned out to be fake. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

Ma’an News has more details:

Locals identified the victim as 16-year-old Muhammad Ziad Awad Salaymah.

A local doctor, hearing shots fired, rushed to the Salaymah neighborhood, near the Ibrahimi Mosque, but was unable to revive the teenager.

The doctor told Ma’an that local women were arguing with Israeli forces who were preventing them from reaching Salaymah.

“I followed the women, and when I felt his pulse, I found that he was dead,” the doctor said.

Israeli police said the victim appeared to be carrying a fake pistol.

Ma’an adds that “the shooting led to angry confrontations between residents and Israeli soldiers, who deployed to the area in large numbers firing tear gas and stun grenades.”

A photo of Salaymah being circulated on Twitter.
Reports are today was his birthday.
(Photo: @yafaislam)

An Arabic-language news report from Wattan TV confirms the story. “Witnesses said that the martyr was carrying a plastic handgun when an Israeli soldier fired six bullets at the martyr,” the report said.

A Reuters correspondent tweeted that Israeli soldiers “reportedly beat and tear gas local journalists covering the event.”

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