Rabbi Yoffie offers racism first, so as to have his warning heeded by Israel

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Must Rabbi Yoffie first offer racism to be taken seriously in Israel– and then offer ignorance?

In Haaretz, the rabbi wisely warns: “Israel’s leaders’ defiance of reality is the real danger.” The racism:

Extremism of a particularly vicious variety is a Palestinian disease for which a cure has yet to be found.
The ignorance (“never object to a reprimand from an Israeli colleague”?):
“American rabbis should never object to a reprimand from an Israeli colleague, particularly one who has helped us to think about Israel in new and important ways. But I urge Rabbi Gordis to remember that if he is concerned about confronting reality, there are realities that he is not addressing.”

The Yoffie piece is evidence of my assertion that a divorce is coming between US and Israeli Jewry. Yoffie sees it too:

Far from being wild-eyed liberals, most American Jews have sensible, pragmatic views on Israel and the likelihood of peace, but they are confused and incredulous at the myopia of Israel’s political leaders – a dismay that far eclipses the ‘faults’ of U.S. Jewish leaders as identified by Daniel Gordis.

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