Shorter NYT profile of Hillary Clinton: Bill and I dined with our old friend Elie Wiesel recently

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Hillary Clinton’s press agent deserves a raise for ensuring that the only friend quoted in a 3000-word, front-page profile in the New York Times today is Elie Wiesel– who, if you didn’t know it, is on the far right in terms of his support for Israel. NYT:

The enormously disciplined Mrs. Clinton has stuck to the same story in public and private: She’s not running. That is what she told Elie Wiesel, the Nobel laureate and an old friend, when she and her family dined with him recently, according to Mr. Wiesel. Others close to her emphasize that no one knows otherwise, not even Mrs. Clinton herself.

The piece by Jodi Kantor relies on “nearly two dozen current and former aides, friends and donors.” Others quoted by name are aides. (Thanks to Scott McConnell for wisecrack at start of this post.) 

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