‘Telegraph”s Christmas gift list includes seltzer-maker produced in Occupied Territories

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The Telegraph of London has a list of 50 top culinary Christmas gifts lists SodaStream seltzer maker, which is produced in the occupied territories. Code Pink will tell you all about SodaStream. But the Telegraph has only this to say: 

When we were growing up, only the cool kids had a soda stream, generally the same ones who were allowed to watch ITV. Now Sodastream has redesigned the fizzy drinks maker so it’s even more desirable with its chic red metal case and easy to use push-in bottle.

The Telegraph also has this piece by columnist Peter Oborne, slamming “The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel” and urging the Tory government to criticize Israel before it is too late:

To be fair to the Government, Tony Blair was worse [than the Conservatives], appearing at times to regard the interests of Britain and Israel as identical, and refusing even to call for a ceasefire for some time after the start of the appalling Lebanon war. William Hague and David Cameron have tried to be more robust. Unfortunately, they have largely failed. It is hard to be certain to what extent this reluctance to criticise Tel Aviv is due to the influence of the Israeli lobby in Britain, or fear of offending Israel’s international patron, the United States.

The formal position of the Government is excellent. Britain supports the two-state solution, which has been the basis of all serious peace discussions since the Oslo Accords 20 years ago. The trouble is that ministers refuse to take any concrete steps to bring it about. For example, they condemn the settlements, but only in a half-hearted way (the Prime Minister devoted 64 words to the issue on Tuesday, and almost 300 to the Iranian threat).

This is cowardice. There are times in personal as well as political life when friendship involves a great deal more than the kind of genial back-slapping with which the Prime Minister treated the Israel lobby on Tuesday. The brutal truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu is leading his country down the path to self-destruction. If he is allowed to go ahead with the latest plans for settlement construction, all hopes of Middle East peace will vanish and die.

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  1. giladg
    December 16, 2012, 12:09 pm

    Philip, let me tell you about Tony Blair. UN resolutions 242 and 338 talk about security for Israel, with borders that can be defended. Tony Blair came to the understanding that the 1967 lines would not offer Israel the type of security that would be understood would be needed to end the the conflict. Tony Blair understands that Israel would need to remain on certain key points on the physical high ground and this means that the Palestinians would need to agree to land swaps. And so he has juggled the Palestinian call for the future borders to be 1967 and the limitations such borders would produce. And so far he has not produced a formula that will keep the Arabs happy. In the end he will stab Israel in the back, which follows the line of how most other English politicians have approached Jews and Israel. He seems too afraid of an Arab backlash to come out in the open and call on the Palestinians directly to make land swaps and to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Ever heard of Arab oil power?

    • talknic
      December 17, 2012, 1:56 am

      giladg “UN resolutions 242 and 338 talk about security for Israel, with borders that can be defended”

      They do not. http://wp.me/PDB7k-6r#unscresolution242

      “… Israel would need to remain on certain key points on the physical high ground and this means that the Palestinians would need to agree to land swaps.”

      Israel has no right to more secure borders than its neighbours. Israel especially does not have the right to take other folks territory to achieve its fictitious ‘defensible borders’

    • Sumud
      December 17, 2012, 6:40 am

      He seems too afraid of an Arab backlash to come out in the open and call on the Palestinians directly to make land swaps and to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Ever heard of Arab oil power?

      Sure, even Dershowitz wrote a book about it didn’t he? LOL.

      Time to examine your victim complex and understand that Israel is operating well outside acceptable [moral] norms and in violation of treaties Israel agreed to honour when applying to join the UN.

      It has nothing to do with jews this or that. Jews aren’t special, you’re not special, Israelis aren’t special. Well, ‘specially tedious with your persecution complex, but that is it.

      The point is: when Israel behaves properly, Israel’s problem will evaporate.

    • eljay
      December 17, 2012, 8:01 am

      >> And so he has juggled the Palestinian call for the future borders to be 1967 and the limitations such borders would produce.

      Limiting Zio-supremacist plans for a Greater Israel is essential.

      >> And so far he has not produced a formula that will keep the Arabs happy.

      Because he has not produced a formula which, among other things, rightly sees Israel:
      – ending its occupation;
      – removing itself to within its self-declared borders;
      – entering into sincere negotiations for a just and mutually-beneficial (including implementation of RoR, with compensation in lieu, to an agreed-upon level); and
      – accepting responsibility, and being held accountable, for its crimes.

      >> He seems too afraid of an Arab backlash to come out in the open and call on the Palestinians directly to make land swaps and to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.

      Israel should be recognized as the secular, democratic and egalitarian nation state of and for all Israeli people, equally; and not as the oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and supremacist “Jewish State” for people of the Jewish faith from nations around the world.

  2. yourstruly
    December 16, 2012, 12:20 pm

    what’ll do it for us?

    her return

    this time brought to life by way of peace on earth & goodwill to all living beings

    opening scene?

    jerusalem, 2013, at a meeting between representatives of the opposing sides in the palestine/israel conflict, lo & behold, somehow, justice & peace carry the day

    that did it?

    one victory

    all it’ll take!

  3. Avi_G.
    December 16, 2012, 12:44 pm

    In Europe, it seems, SodaStream is everywhere.

    I had a connecting flight through Brussels airport recently and saw a big rotating display case with a SodaStream machine in it, right there by the gate.

  4. bilal a
    December 16, 2012, 1:07 pm

    The Sandy Hook CT shooter, Adam Lanza, was well known by a Jewish leader honored by the local synagogue, Beth Israel. The synagogue website main page is down but a local newsletter features her prominently. She knows Adam Lanza quite well including his itnenret habits:

    By contrast, Adam Lanza had few friends and, as a child, went to great trouble not to mix with his fellow students at his state school. A Newtown resident also suggested he was home-schooled for some time.

    “I always saw him walking alone, sitting on his own at a table or on the bus. Most of the time I saw him he was alone,” said Alex Israel, who was at school with him as a young girl.

    “He was really quiet. A little fidgety, uneasy. I think socially he was just going out (into the world) and not making friends with everyone.”

    Her mother Beth Israel, who lived nearby, said: “I know he had issues. He was a really troubled kid … a very quiet kid, a shy kid, maybe socially awkward.” He was not on Facebook, unusually for any Westerner of his generation, and did not appear in his 2010 High School Yearbook. Instead were written the words: “Camera shy”.


  5. bilal a
    December 16, 2012, 1:16 pm

    Beth Israel the friend of Adam Lanza may have known him from her participation in the Education Committee at Adath Israel synagogue in newtown where she was honored. The main web page id won but here is a local newsletter excerpt:

    Beth and her husband Eric joined Adath Israel in the 1990’s and although Eric is a Past President and still very active, Beth has made huge contributions herself to our community. Beth was Program Chairperson and Membership Chairperson for many years. She was also the Birthday Book Chair for 13 years (which means she at-tended most of the Family oriented Friday night services for all those years).
    Beth has also been an active member of Sisterhood, a room parent and on the Education Committee, New Building Design Committee, Cookbook Fundraiser Committee and has been an integral part of past Progressive Dinners. These are just some of the highlights while Beth has been a member of ..


  6. dimadok
    December 16, 2012, 1:43 pm

    You have also forgot to mention that Sodastream has been listed at NASDAQ
    Have you or Codepink ladies, have sent them a letter?
    “the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”.

    • Sumud
      December 17, 2012, 6:42 am

      “the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”.

      If you really believed that you wouldn’t be here.

  7. yrn
    December 16, 2012, 3:07 pm

    Due to the free advertising as this one…… Sodastream’s U.S. sales grew from US$4.4 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2011…… shares have shot up 38 percent in the past year
    They should send you an official thnk you.

  8. Les
    December 16, 2012, 5:26 pm


    Palestinian premier calls for boycott of all Israeli goods

    Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad tells reporters the boycott is meant to protest Israel’s withholding of funds to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority.

    By Haaretz and The Associated Press | Dec.16, 2012


    • Accentitude
      December 17, 2012, 7:35 am

      So BDS has been going on for several years now and the only time the PM decided to officially endorse it is when Israel cut into the PA’s wallets. I’m glad it had nothing to do with say…oh I don’t know….holding Israel legally and financially responsible for its unilateral actions to prevent the Palestinian people from achieving freedom and independence..or how about…to send a clear message to Israeli companies that profit from the occupation, settlements, land confiscation, etc. Its nice to know where his priorities are.

      Actually I always believed that Palestinians can deal a severe blow to the Israelis in one major way…hitting them in their wallets. Make them feel the financial and economic burden of the occupation. Make their economy suffer for continuing the occupation. There are over 6million Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and over 2 million in Gaza. If they all decided to:

      1. Stop working in settlements
      2. Stop working for Israeli companies (in this case, any company that pays taxes to Israel)
      3. Stop buying Israeli products or products of companies that have economic trade with Israelis.
      3. Stop using Israeli currency
      4. Kick out all of the international donors and put the legal burden of the occupation back in the lap of the Israeli occupiers according to international law.

      Can you imagine the devastating effects if that happened even for just 3 months?

  9. HarryLaw
    December 16, 2012, 6:08 pm

    The Soda Stream carbonating devices in our Asda Stores UK reveal an address in Hebrew, ” Produced by Soda Club, Gilboa St,Airport city Ben Gurion Airport, 70100, Israel” which is a false country of origin, the main manufacturing plant for the carbonating device is in Mishor Edomin, in the West Bank now Palestine, Several small components are contracted out to China. The European Union Rules of origin which are similar to the World Trade Rules are that a Products origin is deemed to be where it was manufactured not where its Head office is or where it was shipped from, the Ben Gurion site has no manufacturing facilities, so this company is breaching European wide Regulations set up to outlaw this practice, the South African government after pressure from Open Shahuda St activists, is acting against Ahava cosmetics for this same mislabeling practice, moves are afoot in the UK to do the same for several Israeli West Bank companies and from the Golan Heights.

  10. HarryLaw
    December 17, 2012, 4:50 am

    Les and Bumblebye, So far the local authorities Trading Standards teams have shown negative interest, I think for political reasons, but they are not the only people who can prosecute, watch this space,Because Ahava UK Ltd and Soda Stream both indicate falsely that their products come from Israel in my opinion they are both in breach of the following legislation. In the case of Ahava UK Ltd [Gloucester] 1, 2 and 3 below, in the case of Soda Stream 2 and 3 below.

    1. The Cosmetics Products [safety] Regulations 2008. section 12[1] Inter Alia ” Where the cosmetic product is manufactured outside the European Economic Area [EEA] the country of origin MUST also be specified” [my bold]. This is a statutory instrument as created by the Consumer Protection Act 1987 specifically section 12 [3].This regulation was transposed into UK law from Council Directive 76/768/ECC. Importantly starting on 11th July 2013 as per Regulation [EC] No 1223/2009 the European Parliament requires all European countries quoting Article 19 [on labelling] consumer information in chapter V1 to insert Inter Alia ” The country of origin SHALL be specified for imported products” [my bold] ” shall” replaces “may” in the previous directive.

    2. Section 16, of the Trades Description Act 1968,[TDA] THIS SECTION HAS NOT BEEN REPEALED, see also CPUTR 2008 Part 5 supplementary schedule 2 amendments. also section 36, TDA “country of origin”. The description must be false to a “material degree” in the case of indicating Israel as the country of origin this is 100 per cent wrong or 180 degrees out.

    3. The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Misleading actions under 5 [2][a] this regulation was transposed from the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive 2005/29/EC The Trading Standards Departments are authorised to enforce these regulations and part 16, of the TDA 1968, These are all strict liability offences the only defences that can be put up are those set out in section 39 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, i,e because of the fault of another due diligence etc, this is of course no defence when the offender knows about the offence, yet does nothing about it.

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