An E1 without a people for a people without an E1

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Under the “Active Stills” byline at +972 are sharp comments on a recent NYT piece about the E1 corridor in the West Bank. The first two paragraphs below, there’s more at that link:

A recent New York Times article ran under the misleading headline, “West Bank Land, Empty but Full of Meaning”, referring to the E1 area where the Israeli government recently announced new settlement building in spite of international opposition. Strangely, the photo appearing in the online edition underneath that headline pictures a Bedouin man who owns land in E1.

The Times headline is especially troubling for its resonance with the Israeli national myth that the land was “empty” before the Zionists came and “made the desert bloom.” Such language reinforces decades-old misconceptions to the casual reader, while the disconnect between the headline and the photo illustrates the internal contradictions of Nakba denial and Zionist mythology: there was no one here, and they all need to leave.


Amnesty International has tweeted on this very question:

[email protected] .@NYTimes wrong to call #WestBank E1 area “empty.” 2,300 face eviction from E1 + Ma’ale Adumim @StevenErlanger @rudoren

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