‘Anti-Zionist chic’

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So anti-Zionism is trending? Here’s a great crazy piece, “Liberal Jewish Israel bashers,” by Isi Liebler in the Jerusalem Post, in which Liebler warns of “anti-Zionist chic” catching on in the salons and boudoirs of American Jewry and seeks to rally American Jews to the cause: a unified Jewish Jerusalem, support for the settlement project. Oh and J Street is far left. This piece is another measure of how alienated rightwing Israel is becoming from any set of shared values– and also how vicious those folks are going to get when U.S. opinion turns on them. By the way, Zionist founder Herzl ten times promised that Jerusalem would  stay international. Liebler (thanks to Harry Hjalmarson):

I must confess to a rising sense of frustration and rage when observing the increasing number of ill-informed and fallacious critiques of Israel by liberal Diaspora Jews.

This is not in reference to the loathsome so-called anti-Zionist Jews who call for boycotts of Israel. Nor even to jaundiced far-Left Jewish groups like J Street, that inflict considerable damage on the Jewish state by calling on the US government to pressure Israel, or orchestrate petitions such as those recently circulated among liberal Jewish clergy demanding that Israel cancel plans for residential construction in Jerusalem’s Jewish suburbs and the E-1 area.

I refer to those Jews who, when it was fashionable, were enthusiastic supporters of Israel. But the estrangement of many of their liberal non-Jewish friends from the Jewish state encouraged them to also assume politically correct attitudes, even adopting an “anti-Zionist chic.”…

Yet sadly, one becomes increasingly convinced that many Jewish liberals have closed minds and do not wish to be enlightened, because their principal motivation is to demonstrate to their “progressive” friends that they are more open-minded, universal and tolerant than their “bigoted” Israeli kinsmen.

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