Bab Shams (Gate of Sun)

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(Photo: @iFalasteen)

In our village, everything grows , except hatred
In our village, the sky embraces the sun
In our village, doves sleep under the bayonets
while bleeding

I dreamt one day, that I embraced the sun
And through its arch, I discovered the dawning of freedom
I asked it my ways
And I reached the camp , following its rays

In our new village, every day grow tulips
They spread their best scents
What is beautiful in our village, is that women
by their own , weave their dignity dress

From the Tent that sheltered us,
We shouted our joy and hope , sang patriotic songs
We drank tea and coffee in kettles on the fire crackling
And ate pieces of bread crisping

In our village, darkness overruns the quiet land
The sun attempts to imitate the moon with humility
The plants growing in the grassland
That a child daily watering, with the milk of liberty

In our village, the Phoenix flies high in its sky
Tells with its wings the Canaanite Epic embracing Jerusalem
In its mountains, it smells saffron and bunch of thyme
And you hear the songs of the birds

In our village “Gate of Sun”, all, dazzled by the Shine
Keeping holding the lit torches eager for liberty
In our village, we lived in peace , so fine
But not away from enemies, stone, Man and cruelty
In our villages , from our hands , tulips ‘ll be of bloomy shine
Palestine girl will sing for Palestine
To the “Gate of Sun”, tomorrow , we will return
to embrace The sky …………….And then, Peace will reign

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