The education of Rand Paul

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Rand Paul told the Louisville Courier Journal he wouldn’t cut aid to Israel, and he’s going to visit the country this week. The Courier-Journal says he’s considering running for president. Well if you’re running for president, who do you need on your side? Rosie Gray at buzzfeed:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been holding a series of meetings with neo-conservative pro-Israel foreign policy hands as the libertarian prepares to take a seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sources familiar with the meetings said.

Paul’s new contacts include Dan Senor, a former key Mitt Romney foreign policy aide who is also close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met Paul in his Washington office.

Paul is also going to take a “fairly impressive list of folks” on his trip to Israel next week, according to a source close to him, and he is planning on delivering a major foreign policy address in early February.

Noah Pollack tweeted yesterday, with joy:

He’s on the 11:30 El Al flight to TLV tonight RT @jmartpolitico: Most intrsting gop voice on hagel will be…. @SenRandPaul

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