Will emancipated Sullivan take on Zionism hammer and tongs?

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I just subscribed to Andrew Sullivan’s great site, the Daily Dish, for a year for $20. Actually, 19.99. Here’s the link. Sullivan’s announcement yesterday that he’s going independent of Daily Beast in February and will raise money from his readers stunned the media world and I believe/pray will help to revolutionize the model of the journalist’s relationship to his or her readers.

In the time I’ve followed Sullivan, he’s worked for The New Republic, The Atlantic, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Daily Beast. His blog was independent once before for a while, as I recall, but generally it’s been hosted at a big media shop. Several of those shops are noted for their support for Israel. Which raises the question. In the last year or so Sullivan has gotten more and more out in his criticism of Israel. And I wonder whether support from readers — independence of media barons — will allow Sullivan even greater freedom on this question. Will he oppose Zionism hammer and tongs? Will he call for a democratic state in Israel and Palestine? Will he try and destroy the idol of the two-state solution in the US discourse? Time will tell, of course, but I bet that Sullivan will become even more vociferous and eloquent when he is freed of dependence on the media lords. And if you think I am accusing Sullivan of self-censorship, I am. All writers self-censor. Sullivan certainly must have self-censored when he was at the Zionist New Republic under Marty Peretz, and I imagine he felt pressure at the Atlantic and the Daily Beast as well on the Viva Israel front. Melville said it best, of Shakespeare: All writers wear muzzles on their souls. So I can’t wait for Sullivan’s next act on the Middle East…

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