A story that even ‘hasbara’ cannot explain

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There has been a lot of “bad news” coming out of Israel for the last few years for apologists and pro-Israeli organizations to “explain”– hasbara is of course Hebrew for “explaining”– and then there is this story: Israel “coaxed,” or forced, birth control injections on Ethiopian women in transit camps to depress the Ethiopian birth rate. From the LA Times:

[Israeli] investigative journalist Gal Gabbay… reported that Jewish Ethiopian women awaiting emigration to Israel in transit camps in Ethiopia were coaxed into the treatment with little medical explanation and led to understand this was a condition for moving to Israel.

On how many levels will this confuse your average American who has been “educated” to believe that our support for Israel is based on “shared values”? Is it even conceivable that a different one of our “shared values” allies would be doing something like this in the 21st century? One can expect that the Anti-Defamation League and their ilk will be completely mum about this story because, as good as they are, there just isn’t any way to spin this story.

How truly devastating this is for the American Jewish liberal, hanging on to the contradictory ideas of a Jewish and a democratic state.

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