What is ‘the helicopter on the Saigon embassy roof moment’ for US and Israel?

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More and more folks are talking about reducing aid to Israel. Senator Rand Paul has suggested it, to give Israel more autonomy. Yesterday a Zionist writer suggested a small cut in part to make Israel act more “responsibly” in its region. The recommendations reminded me that the last time I saw Yossi Gurvitz, he described US sanctions on Israel as the “helicopter on the Saigon embassy roof” moment — that moment when the client state realizes it’s being abandoned by the empire, and all hell breaks loose, as it did in Saigon in 1975.

I asked Gurvitz if a cut in aid would be such a moment. He wrote:

Not just yet, I think. This would be seen as just another blow by Obama on Netanyahu. I think a “helicopter on the roof” moment would be when the US would decline to use its veto in the UN Security Council. Particularly if the Palestinians use their new status as a way to indict Israeli officers and officials. Should that happen – the chance for that are, of course, vanishingly small – I think many Israeli politicians and officials would be themselves looking for helicopters. Sincerely, Yossi

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