Dan Rather says Israeli missile defense saved Palestinian lives in Gaza

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Horse feathers at Huffpo. Dan Rather comes up with some hasbara of his own, and, reporting on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, claims that it saved hundreds of lives inside Gaza.

In the recent conflict, the Israeli missile defense system may have saved more Palestinian lives than Israelis. To understand my reasoning, take a step back and look at recent history. Since 2007, the Islamist group Hamas has run the densely populated sliver of territory to the south of Israel known as the Gaza Strip. Militants from the territory, in recent years, have launched hundreds of crude rockets, provided by Iran, into southern Israeli towns. In 2008, Israel responded with Operation Cast Lead — A brutal aerial bombardment and ground invasion that left more than 1,000 Palestinians dead and brought Israel widespread condemnation from abroad. November’s conflict left about 150 Palestinians dead.

How do you explain the stark difference in the death toll? One element would be Iron Dome.

Rather explains that unguided Palestinian missiles would have caused destruction inside Gaza. Yes but would Iron Dome have stopped all the missiles that Israel sent into the strip, many of which killed civilians? And what about the human rights reports after Cast Lead that showed that Israel targeted civilians, and that damaged the nation’s reputation around the world? Thanks to Max Blumenthal

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