Israeli pours putrid skunk gas over homes in occupied Palestine

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Skunking houses in Nabi Saleh
Skunking houses in Nabi Saleh

Three days ago, January 4, Haim Schwarczenberg took this photograph. He writes: “Skunk trunk spraying putrid liquid all over residential homes in the village of Nabi Saleh.”

If you’ve ever been to this village, you know that these are ordinary people’s homes, and that almost all the village, whether it likes it or not, is involved in resistance efforts to the takeover of its lands and spring by the neighboring Jewish colony, Halamish. Halamish is an illegal settlement under international law; but the United States says nothing about the human rights abuse and civil rights violations documented by Schwarczenberg above.

(Copyright and with permission of Haim Schwarczenberg — ‎at ‎Al Nabi Saleh – النبي صالح‎.‎)

This video below purports to describe the attacks. Hoping for a translation of the brave citizen’s confrontation with Israeli soldiers. A horrifying scene, out of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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