Video: Israeli occupying forces arrest mother and her 18-month-old child near Hebron

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This video has become viral in the hours since it was posted yesterday by a Taayush activist named Guy.

Reema and her 18 months old baby girl, Quamar were arrested earlier today at Umm Al Arayes, South Hebron hills, upon Reema’s arrival to cultivate her family’s land. As of now, Mother and daughter are still held at the Hebron Police Station and apparently, the station’s policemen insists on them having to spend the night in custody.

Mairav Zonszein has a report on the case up at +972 saying that 10 Palestinians and 5 Israelis were arrested when a group sought to approach Palestinian lands near the illegal Israeli settlement of Mitzpeh Yair.

And this is from Taayush

This morning, the Israeli army violently arrested 5 Israeli activists and Palestinians in their privately owned lands the area of Qawais in South Hebron Hills. The arrests were carried out in order to prevent the Palestinian farmers from working thier lands. Three of the women detainees are minors, among them a 2 year old. Three Palestinians who were arrested in South Hebron hills yesterday, among them a mother to a baby and an elderly man, are still under arrest. Due to the mass arrests, we were unable to accompany additional farmers who need our help to plow their lands. We need your help in accompany them tomorrow (Sunday). Besides being critical to the farmers livelihood, every season the lands are not plowed increases the chance of their being taken over by the occupation forces or settlers.

The great Ezra Nawi can be seen holding another Palestinian child in the video. And let us be clear about the meaning of this video: these lands are part of Area C in the West Bank and are coveted by Israelis as “Jewish” lands, but they want as few Palestinians on them as possible. Thus the video reflects policies of quiet ethnic cleansing and intended annexation.

Thanks to Allison Deger and Alex Kane for their reporting.

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