‘NYT’ (literally) erases the occupation from coverage of Bab al-Shams

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Good news: the New York Times covered the inspiring Bab al-Shams story. Bad news: they erased the occupation from the story.

Here was the original headline on the story published today:

Screenshot taken from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Several hours later it was changed to:

Screenshot from the New York Times website

Ali Abuminah reports:

The website Newsdiffs.org shows that the original headline was posted at 1:09 PM EST and changed at 7:10 PM EST, some six hours later.

A key goal of Israeli propaganda is to eliminate the term “occupied” from media coverage of Israel’s, well, occupation. Many media have adopted terms like “disputed” that grant false legitimacy to Israeli claims to the land which are totally null and void in international law.

(h/t Jamie Stern-Weiner)

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