Israel lobbyist denies he called Jimmy Carter ‘anti-Semitic,’ then Al Jazeera host confronts him


Jaw dropping. Here’s an Al Jazeera English interview (on the show The Stream) a day or so back with Kenneth Marcus, who founded the Brandeis Center “to combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism in American higher education.” The Brandeis Center includes in its definition of anti-Semitism, speech against Israel. Marcus has been a leading advocate for using Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to file lawsuits against university campuses claiming there is a climate of anti-Semitism on campus. 

Host Josh Rushing says, at 15:26:

You believe that [Jimmy] Carter is an anti-Semite

Marcus says that’s not true:

I would not say that. Generally saying, I prefer not to say that individuals are anti-Semitic because I think that it’s counterproductive. What I prefer to do is look at certain tropes or memes, certain ways of speaking, and ask… Are you conveying a classic kind of Jew-hatred, intentionally or not.

Then Rushing produces Marcus tweets declaring Jimmy Carter anti-Semitic. “Is Jimmy Carter selling out his anti-Semitic principles…” Etc. Watch Marcus’s nonplused response. “The date of that is 2009, I don’t recall that.” You can see the tweet in question here:

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