The Hebron Hills — where Jews from ‘Lucifer’s Farm’ attack Palestinian shepherds to force them off their land

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Ishmael Al Adra
Ishmael El-Adra, Palestinian shepherd injured in settler knife attack, in Bir El-Id, near Hebron, photo by David Kattenburg

The other day, the State Department refused to condemn Israeli actions in the occupied Hebron Hills. What are those actions? Well, they include the settler attack on Ishmael El-Adra, above, aimed at forcing him and his fellow villagers to leave the land and move into the nearby city of Yatta. His village is Bi El-Id. One of the settler outposts that neighbor his village is called “Lucifer’s Farm.”

This violence is documented by Canadian journalist Dave Kattenburg in an audio documentary at his Green Planet Monitor site focusing on: Israeli home demolitions, evictions, and settler attacks in the South Hebron Hills, and on the apparent death of the Two-State Solution. The documentary (accompanied by text and photos), features the voices of Rabbi Arik Ascherman and a couple of lawyers from Rabbis for Human Rights, Ezra Nawi (Israeli human rights activist), several residents of the Hebron Hills cave village of Susya, Jeff Halper (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), and Ha’aretz columnist Amira Hass.

Also included in Kattenburg’s audio doc: some interesting clips from a pair of Jewish settlers, and the frank views of Yigal Orgad-Cohen, Chancellor of Ariel University of Samaria, regarding the future of the Two-State Solution (no future at all, Orgad-Cohen assures us). One settler in Kiryat Arba says, “Jewish people are not violent. All the time it is a reaction.” Another rabbi from the West Bank says that he can’t restrain the violent actions of young settlers, who are “dropouts… anti-bourgeois, they rebel against their parents and live in the hilltops”–and memorialize Israeli victims of Palestinian attacks.

Documentary runs about 38 mins. It begins and ends in the Hebron Hills, with the voices of two Jewish settlers, Amira Hass, Jeff Halper and Yigal Orgad-Cohen (chancellor of Ariel University) in the middle.

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