A message from Samer Issawi on the 164th day of his hunger strike

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A letter from Samer Issawi, who has been on hunger strike for over 164 days now, was submitted through one of the lawyer’s who visited him on Sunday, January 1st, 2013. The message in the letter contains how Samer has several pains and diseases as a result of his extensive and epic hunger strike. He suffers from severe pain all over his body especially in the areas of the abdomen, kidney, double vision, dizziness, and has a severed bone in the chest due to the brutal attack by Israeli prison offers while he was handcuffed in his wheelchair at his court hearing. This fracture shows in the X-rays that were conducted after he was hospitalized following his court hearing. He also suffers from severe and persistent pain because of the injury he sustained that day which causes sleep deprivation from the uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Despite his battle against Israeli prison injustices Samer stands firm and is continuing his heroic hunger strike and sends his greetings to all who are fighting along side of him in this battle for freedom and justice for the Palestinian political prisoners. He does not only consider them being in solidarity but warriors and after achieving 90% of the demands and goals during his hunger strike he pleads with people who are supportive not to take to the streets in some areas due to a virus spreading currently there.

While suffering in complete isolation during his steadfast hunger strike under all odds he’s also concerned for the well being of others.Issawi confirms his continuous hunger strike and will not stop at all costs until he achieves his demands and reiterates that the only people authorized to make any public announcements regarding his status reference his hunger strike on his behalf are only the Prisoner Club, the Ministry of Prisoner Affairs and family representative his sister Shireen Issawi.

It’s now been over five months since Samer consumed a morsel of food. He is not but a human calling you to stand by him. Think of him as if he was your brother or son. He needs every bit of your support. His detention is unjust and illegal, just like the occupation is. His demands are legitimate and just. Thus, he will not withdraw from the battle for freedom, waiting for either victory and freedom – or martyrdom.
This is a message to those who have hearts, to those who belong to humanity, to the free world – save Issawi before it is too late!

Sign please to save Samer’s life http://www.facebook.com/events/515861198446495/

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  1. Annie Robbins
    January 7, 2013, 3:41 pm

    i signed the petition.

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