Racism thriving on the streets of Tel Aviv: ‘Out with the Africans’

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This video was taken last New Year’s Eve at a rally advocating the deportation of African asylum-seekers in south Tel Aviv.  A speaker with a bullhorn incites the crowd and demands the Israeli government round up African asylum-seekers:

Start to bring in buses and and get people out of here! There are 12,000 openings in the desert internment camp….Go home! Get out of my country!

After filmaker David Sheen captures the stunned expression on the faces of some of the asylum-seekers, he then pans his camera around and we realize he has positioned himself between the racist screaming crowd and their target.

As the crowd gathers at parliamentarian MK Michael Ben-Ari’s open office door Sheen zooms in on a photo of Rabbi Meir Kahane which hangs prominently in view next to a Otzma LeYisrael (“Might for Israel”) campaign poster of Ben-Ari and Arieh Eldad.

This is another excellent video by Sheen who has been tracking the movement to expel African asylum-seekers in Israel. He is accompanied on the streets of Tel Aviv by Max Blumenthal as an aggressive thug lunges at him and threatens to break his camera.

(Hat tip Mondoweiss commenter Bumblebye)

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