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Isabel Kershner reports an important story in yesterday’s New York Times. I am sure Kershner, an energetic reporter, would have done far more on this story about Jewish extremism if the paper had only encouraged her. Here’s the entire story:

A Jerusalem court on Wednesday convicted an American immigrant who lived in a West Bank settlement of killing two Palestinians in 1997. Known as “the Jewish terrorist,” Yaakov (Jack) Teitel was also convicted of other crimes, including bombings in 2008 that wounded a leftist Israeli professor and a teenage boy belonging to a community of Jews who believe in Jesus. Sentencing is planned for February.

And speaking of suppression… When is the Times Magazine going to run Ben Ehrenreich’s important report on the Friday protests in Nabi Saleh, at one of which protests he was detained last summer, under circumstances that have never been fully related to readers? What is the real Israel/Palestine conflict? What is Ehrenreich’s view of it? I can’t find it anywhere on the site. Will the Times tell its readers? –Blue in the face, waiting.

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