Yesterday in Bil’in

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Hamde Abu Rahma being treated by a medic.

This report was sent from the Friday protest in Bilin:

Friday (25 – 1-2013) photographer Hamde Abu Rahma ( 25 years old) was injured in his leg by tear gas and Rateb Abu Rahma (47 years old) was injured in his leg by tear gas in addition to dozens of demonstrators who suffocated after inhaling tear gas in the Bil’in weekly march organized by the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Bil’in. The march was organized in memory of the martyr Lubna Moneer Hansh who was killed by an Israeli soldiers in al Arrob camp near Hebron .

The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village towards the wall. Dozens of Israeli and foreigner activists participated in the march, along with the people of Bil’in. The participants raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans calling for resistance to the Israeli occupation, the demolition of the separation wall and also solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners to liberate them from the Israeli prisons.
Upon the arrival of the participants to Abu Lemon area, adjacent to the wall, they cut some of the barbed wire around the apartheid wall and removed them. The Israeli soldiers situated behind the wall shot tear gas, sound grenades, live bullets, rubber-coated lead bullets and they also sprayed wastewater mixed with chemicals at the protesters, which led to the injury of two people and dozens of cases of suffocation. All those affected were treated in the field.

Violent clashes broke out between the youths and the Israeli occupation soldiers and continued for hours. During this time, the Israeli soldiers chased youths in the fields in an attempt to arrest them whilst the youths threw stones back at the soldiers.

In a statement, the Popular Committee condemned the assassination of the Lubna Moner Hanash , who was assassinated by Israeli forces in cold blood in the Arrob camp near Hebron city and they called on Palestinians to continue the resistance until the achievement of the right of freedom and independence for the Palestinian people.

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