‘5 Broken Cameras’ loses out to ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ for best doc Oscar

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Emad and Soraya Burnat with their son Jibreel on the red carpet entering the Academy Awards.
(Photo: 5 Broken Cameras)

The awards have been announced and alas 5 Broken Cameras didn’t win the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary (the Oscar went to Searching for Sugar Man). Regardless, Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi’s film continues to be an inspiration.

5 Broken Cameras was one of two nominated documentaries that focused on the conflict. Also losing out was the Israeli anti-occupation documentary The Gatekeepers, which was based on interviews by six former heads of the Israeli security service, regretting measures Israel has undertaken to enforce the illegal occupation.

Read Emad Burnat’s Oscar nominee questionnaire:

(Image: Twitter)

Visualizing Palestine created the following graphic for the film:

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