‘5 Broken Cameras’ co-director’s boycott call angers Israeli consul, who brags on the doc

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On MSNBC yesterday, Emad Burnat told Andrea Mitchell that “5 Broken Cameras,” the Oscar-nominated documentary that he co-directed, is a Palestinian movie. The Forward says the Israeli consulate is bragging on the film, which demonstrates the cruelty of the occupation, as proving Israel’s diversity of opinion; though Burnat’s Israeli co-director has endorsed boycott:

Despite his effort to put a positive spin on the movies’ Oscars nods, [Israeli Consul General in L.A. David] Siegel did lash out at Guy Davidi, co-creator of “5 Broken Cameras” for backing an international boycott on Israel in order to force it to end the occupation.

“This is a cynical PR maneuver aimed at promoting the movie’s chances to win an Oscar,” said David Siegel, Israel’s Consul General in Los Angeles. In a Thursday interview Siegel went on to ask whether Davidi’s call for a boycott “would also include the Israeli funds that provided support to his movie.”

The creators of “5 Broken Cameras,” Davidi, who is an Israeli, and Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat, made clear from the outset they do not view their movie as representing Israel and would refuse any attempt by Israeli government officials to embrace their success.

Is boycott really so hip that it would please the Academy? I doubt that. But things are changing fast!

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