Dueling ads in Houston

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We reported on this Houston billboard last month, on Richmond west of Fondren:

Houston’s Stop $30 Billion to Israel billboard has hardly been up a week and already it’s stirring controversy.

So here comes the controversy: Advocacy Groups Team Up to Counter Anti-Israel Ads

The international Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs has teamed up with Bridge Houston to counter an anti-Israel billboard that has been erected in Texas.

The new ad encourages the public to “Tell Congress Not to Support Palestinian Groups Like Hamas Because They Don’t Want Peace”


“Groups that misrepresent the struggle for peace in the Middle East, by inaccurately casting blame on Israel, should be placed on notice that organizations such as StandWithUs and Bridge Houston will always respond to one-sided misinformation,” the two community leaders said in a joint statement.

We’ve previously noticed SWU ads– over and over. In fact, we appreciate dueling ads, because we believe the truth is on our side and the whole point of billboards like these is to engage the public. And that an informed engaged public will be able to sort out the truth from hasbara:

“It’s impossible to make peace with a group that teaches its children to hate Jews and that Israel does not exist.”

StandWithUs is surely infuriated by the new study showing that Palestinian textbooks don’t teach hatred. (No, we teach life, as Rafeef Ziadah said a year back).

And below is the team that put together the first Houston ad. If you want to keep their billboard up, go to www.stopbillionstoisrael.com.

Houston billboard team
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