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We reported on this Houston billboard last month, on Richmond west of Fondren:

Houston’s Stop $30 Billion to Israel billboard has hardly been up a week and already it’s stirring controversy.

So here comes the controversy: Advocacy Groups Team Up to Counter Anti-Israel Ads

The international Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs has teamed up with Bridge Houston to counter an anti-Israel billboard that has been erected in Texas.

The new ad encourages the public to “Tell Congress Not to Support Palestinian Groups Like Hamas Because They Don’t Want Peace”


“Groups that misrepresent the struggle for peace in the Middle East, by inaccurately casting blame on Israel, should be placed on notice that organizations such as StandWithUs and Bridge Houston will always respond to one-sided misinformation,” the two community leaders said in a joint statement.

We’ve previously noticed SWU ads– over and over. In fact, we appreciate dueling ads, because we believe the truth is on our side and the whole point of billboards like these is to engage the public. And that an informed engaged public will be able to sort out the truth from hasbara:

“It’s impossible to make peace with a group that teaches its children to hate Jews and that Israel does not exist.”

StandWithUs is surely infuriated by the new study showing that Palestinian textbooks don’t teach hatred. (No, we teach life, as Rafeef Ziadah said a year back).

And below is the team that put together the first Houston ad. If you want to keep their billboard up, go to www.stopbillionstoisrael.com.

Houston billboard team
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  1. Cliff
    February 14, 2013, 11:47 am

    Zionism has to demonize the people whose land it stole. They need to get non-tribe members to hate Arabs and Muslims and thus, Palestinians. In the meantime, promote an image of Israel as Jewish and democratic, while relying on stereotypes of Jewish identity as always victimized.

  2. Annie Robbins
    February 14, 2013, 12:02 pm

    hey everyone, Houston’s stop30billion team is struggling to pull in the funds to keep the billboard up right as the stand with us ad is going up. this is a really good time to pitch in if you can afford it. http://stopbillionstoisrael.com/


    • DICKERSON3870
      February 14, 2013, 9:50 pm

      I made a contribution via PayPal and added instructions specifying that the donation was for Houston’s stop30billion billboard(s).

  3. jimmy
    February 14, 2013, 9:17 pm

    how is Stop $30 Billion to Israel….


    why does israel constantly need support from the USA

    if they were a real country… they would get along without the US…

  4. DICKERSON3870
    February 14, 2013, 9:40 pm

    RE: The international Israel advocacy organization StandWithUs has teamed up with “Bridge Houston” to counter an anti-Israel billboard that has been erected in Texas.

    SPEAKING OF HOUSTON: I recently came across a 46 page PDF that is a summary of the book Charlie Wilson’s War, and Houston is mentioned.

    • 1973 he [Charlie Wilson] went to Washington
    He won a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee and discovered the cause of Israel
    • 1973: Became obsessed with trying to help the Israelis despite not being a Jew nor having Jews in his district; was championed by the Israeli embassy in Washington
    who flew him out to see the war first hand accompanied by another representative Ed Koch
    • It was the beginning of a ten-year love affair with everything to do with Israel. ‘I bought the whole thing – the beleaguered democracy surrounded by Soviet-armed barbarians – survivors of Nazi concentration camps – David versus Goliath’ P31
    [The] Jews of Houston and Dallas began bankrolling his re-election campaigns, and Ed Koch helped mobilise his campaign in 1984, when a typical Wilson drug scandal threatened his chances of re-election. Jews of New York and backers from Israel paid his campaign funds
    The Jews in Congress also rallied to put Wilson on the all-powerful Appropriations Committee where he could help make sure the $3billion in aid to Israel continued to flow
    The Israelis had shown him the vast stores of Soviet weapons they had captured from the PLO in Lebanon. The weapons were perfect for the mujahideen. If Wilson could convince the CIA to buy them . . .
    He visited the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. ‘In my usual knee-jerk fashion I assumed there was a certain amount of sensationalism in the press and assumed Israel’s culpability had been exaggerated, but I also felt it my duty to see for myself.’ P98. ‘When we got into the camps,’ he recalls, ‘the grief and mourning was still going on. It had been maybe a week since the attack, and we walked down and ran into this woman who was an American Jew…she told me that her people had done something terrible.
    She walked us down to where the victims had been buried in a mass grave…. And I began to get a really terrible feeling in my stomach about it. And what was hanging over me was the Israeli guilt.’
    ‘But when we walked about fifty feet and one of the American embassy people showed me where the Israeli command post was, and I looked at it and at that moment I lost it. My heroes were forever blemished because they would have had to be blindfolded not to have seen and heard what was happening. And then it was clear that they set up the whole thing and sat there and watched it.’

    IRAN-CONTRA: In the beginning the Agency [the CIA] was only indirectly involved. The Israelis were pushing the scheme. They had convinced Bud McFarlane and North that there were moderates in Iran who could be dealt with.

    ● 46 PAGE PDF SUMMARY of Charlie Wilson’s Warhttp://www.fruitfulresearch.com/pdfs/sample_nonfiction_summary.pdf

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