‘Emergency Committee for Israel’ can dish it out, but it can’t–

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When Chuck Hagel was confirmed as Secretary of Defense earlier this week, the Emergency Committee for Israel promptly posted a statement saying that the battle against Hagel had limited his freedom to hurt Israel in American policymaking and concluding:

This battle against Chuck Hagel is over. The fight for a principled, pro-Israel foreign policy goes on.

ECI solicited comments on the post, and soon published three critical ones, shown in the screenshot below. The last one says:

Ben Gayeh commented – 15 hours ago:
You stay classy Kristol, keep lobbying for a foreign government and against American interests. Great job on smearing a national hero who fought bravely for his country, not wholly different to how you fight for a foreign entity. By fight I mean lie, smear, raise unlimited secret money and wallow in your own filth. Go back to riding your daddy’s laurels.

The comments were soon scrubbed. And the post now appears as it does below. (Thanks to commenter iResistDe4iAm and Annie.)

ECI before
ECI after
ECI after

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