Israel is Dodge Country

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Don’t know, this video just seemed to fit.

Here’s how U.S. aid to Israel works. From the Arutz Sheva article “IDF to Pump Nearly $200 Million into US Car Industry”:

The IDF is switching – from Ford to Dodge. The Israeli importer of Dodge Trucks, Machshirei Tenu’ah, has won a NIS 700 million ($180 million) to supply heavy vehicles to the IDF. The Dodge trucks, vans, jeeps and other vehicles will replace the aging Ford models the army currently uses.

The vans are being purchased using U.S. military assistance funds provided to Israel by Congress. Among the conditions of that assistance: The vehicles must be manufactured and assembled in the United States. According to the terms of the tender, Japanese car companies were eligible to participate as well, as long as the vehicles were built in U.S. factories.

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