‘Most moral’ army in the world is looking more and more like Bull Connor enforcing Jim Crow

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Pepper spraying Palestinian activists
Pepper spraying Palestinian activists

The above picture of activists getting pepper-sprayed was posted by the Palestinian activist site AlQadiPal and retweeted by Joseph Dana. It was reportedly taken today at the new Palestinian “outpost,” Al Manatir, a group of tents set up near Burin outside Nablus. Israeli soldiers declared the area a closed military zone, in removing the demonstrators. 

The picture below is from the same new outpost. Showing “Israeli soldiers,” it appeared in Haaretz today, taken by AFP. “Haaretz Hasbara: In an otherwise straightforward article about the IDF incursion, along with settlers, into Burin today, the pic I have pasted below was the visual,” writes Mitchell Plitnick. “You know, because those awful Palestinians just keep beating up those poor IDF soldiers…”

Israel has lost
Haaretz photo from Burin village

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