Report: Hillary pushed for Middle East peace deal, Obama wasn’t interested

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More evidence that we will see no push on Israel/Palestine in a second Obama administration. The New Yorker’s John Cassidy, on the Takeaway on Friday, was asked by John Hockenberry if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed the White House on any issue. Cassidy said:

Well that’s very interesting, John. There was a story out last week presumably leaked by some of the people around Hillary that some time last year she did make an effort to push the White Houee on the Arab Israeli conflict. One of the big gaps in her resume you would say is well, she didn’t do anything about solving the Middle East conflict. She did actually help broker.. a ceasefire in Gaza… That’s an achievement, shouldnt be forgotten, but you know there was no great Obama Hillary peace plan. Now her aides have now leaked that actually she pushed the White House to try and at least get Obama to define what the outlines of such a plan would be, but the White Houe pushed back. That shows, you know, the limits of her power within the administration really.

I don’t know what to make of that report, somehow doubt it. In one of her last media appearances, Clinton offered the usual pabulum.

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