Memo to the Secret Service: No gun control in Israel/Palestine

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I originally published this piece last July right after Mitt Romney’s visit to occupied East Jerusalem, when I observed the lax gun control measures in the Western Wall plaza. I titled it “Why Obama Shouldn’t Go to Israel.” I republish it today because Obama is planning to visit Israel and Palestine next month.

Western Wall guns, part 1
Western Wall guns, part 2
Western Wall guns, part 3

I shot the three pictures above in the half hour before Mitt Romney arrived at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday [July 29, 2012], even as the place was crawling with U.S. Secret Service men.

Everyone who goes into the Western Wall plaza has to go through a metal detector, but presumably these three guys with guns were let in because they’re soldiers, or reservists, something.

The first and third guys are carrying semi-automatic rifles. The guy in the middle, dressed in black, has what looked like a semiautomatic pistol strapped to his hip. I hope you can see it.

Romney arrived a few minutes after I took these pictures.

I don’t want Obama to visit Israel, or occupied East Jerusalem, where the Western Wall is located, because there are too many folks walking around with guns. And a lot of Israelis hate Obama because he made the grave political mistake of calling for an end to settlements and then talking about the 1967 borders.

It only takes one lunatic and it’s just not worth the risk. Remember, an Israeli killed the prime minister in 1995. And two international figures who sought to limit the Jewish/Israeli claims to land in Palestine in the 1940s were also killed by crazed Zionists– Lord Moyne of Britain and Folke Bernadotte of Sweden, who was working for the U.N. All these assassinations worked; they cut down opposition to Israeli expansion (just as the Arlosoroff murder worked in 1932).

A friend tells me that the Secret Service would clamp down for a president in ways that greatly outstrip the Romney security. I don’t know– why risk it?

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