’60 Minutes’ report on ‘Iron Dome’ tonight likely to carry giant payload of hasbara

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Tonight on “60 Minutes,” Bob Simon will air a piece on Iron Dome, the missile-interception technology Israel used so effectively last fall in its latest assault on Gaza. It certainly appears that the piece, “Israeli defense system changes game in Mideast,” will be Israel-centric, for instance by giving a platform to Ehud Barak, the man who oversaw the last assault on Gaza, which killed nearly 400 children.

Notice also that Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari is assassinated, per the CBS promotion below, in retaliation for rocket attacks; but in fact, Jabari was in the midst of negotiations with Israel, so who can say what Israel’s motive was. 

I predict that Bob Simon will not report on the Israeli missiles that were not stopped from hitting Gaza apartment buildings during the conflict of last November. The “game” didn’t change for Palestinians. 

This must make up for Simon’s earlier attack on the Israeli settlement program, “Time Running out for Two State Solution?” (that was four years ago; yes, time is always running out, but it never runs out in this game).

From the promotion at CBS (and thanks to Susie Kneedler):

A potentially game-changing missile defense system shot down 85 percent of the rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip during a massive attack last November, says the Israeli Air Force. On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Bob Simon reports on a system so sophisticated that its missiles can intercept rockets traveling 500 to 1,000 mph, some of which are only in the air for seven to 15 seconds. Simon’s story will be broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 17 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. 

Last November, Israel assassinated the military leader of Hamas in retaliation for the periodic rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other militant groups. As the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacked Hamas leaders and rocket stockpiles, Hamas fired over 1,500 rockets at Israeli towns and cities. The Israelis say more fire was directed at southern Israel during those eight days in November than in all of Israel’s wars combined….

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