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March 2013

A child’s dream under occupation

Walaa Ghussein on

Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV) of 10 December 1959 states: The child shall enjoy all the rights set forth in this Declaration. Every child, without any exception whatsoever, shall be entitled to these rights, without distinction or discrimination on account of race, colour, sex, language, […]

Unlikely Jerusalem village takes the lead on Land Day

Allison Deger on

Palestinian protester in traffic at Qalandia checkpoint for the annual Land Day protest, March 30, 2013. (Photo: Team Palestina Facebook) Last year Palestinians protested in thousands to mark Land Day, an annual commemoration of six killed during a 1976 march against land expropriations in the Galilee, but this year’s protests failed to capture the same […]

Israeli army captain assaults valiant protester Ezra Nawi

Philip Weiss on

I’ve often gone to demonstrations in the occupied territories with the great Ezra Nawi, an Israeli plumber/activist– of whom there will one day be stained glass window portraits in synagogues. Here, seeking to document the weekly demonstration against the sprawling illegal Efrat settlement in al Masara yesterday, he gets pushed around by an Israeli army […]

Not a happy Passover for Hebron’s Palestinians

Allison Deger on

Palestinian youth stops in front of road closure to Shuhada Street in Hebron. Hundreds of Israelis traveled over the Green Line to observe Passover in Hebron this week at a carnival-like event as Israeli officials closed the Ibrahimi Mosque to Palestinians in the West Bank’s largest city. Since at least the mid-1990s, settlers and religious […]

Insider-trading case touches on American support for Zionism

Philip Weiss on

Maybe you’ve been following the government’s insider-trading case against nine employees of SAC, the hedge fund started by Steven A. Cohen. I haven’t; it all blurs for me. But a friend sent along the latest story on the arrest of SAC employee Michael Steinberg. Here’s an anecdote high in the New York Times story by […]

In Iraq, and now Syria, US seeks secular outcome by… promoting sectarian division

Annie Robbins on

Everybody is talking about Syria, which we can all agree is a mess. With rare exception, this site has not been covering Syria, but I must point out that Assad is fighting a jihadist-dominated rebel movement, and the US is continuing to insert itself by utilizing the “inclusion of some of the more radical forces… […]

A tale of two rabbis

Donna Nevel on

Flyer announcing new venue for event (click to enlarge) An event is taking place in New York City on April 4th [flyer at right] to discuss the following questions: Is Israel—or can it be—a democracy? Is there—or can there be—equality in Israel? Can a Jewish state be democratic? The current realities in Palestine/Israel, and deep […]

My 72 depressing hours on Obama’s trail

Alex Kane on

Image via Blog.StandforIsrael.Org If you ever had a burning desire to see the American-Israeli alliance shine, there wasn’t a better place to be than Jerusalem last week. Spending 72 hours there, on the trail of President Obama’s tour through Israel/Palestine, was more than enough time to appreciate the enormous work ahead of those wishing to […]

Liberal Zionist students battled Phila Jewish community to stage event critical of occupation– but ‘rooted in love’ of Israel

Philip Weiss on

The University of Pennsylvania chapter of J Street, the liberal Zionist organization, sponsored an appearance by Breaking the Silence, the Israeli dissident veterans group, at the school’s Hillel two nights back. That’s good news. Ahead of the event, the J Street executive committee published an article in the school paper describing the five-month delay in […]

Another bad review: ‘Obama takes Palestinians for granted’

Philip Weiss on

Last week MJ Rosenberg praised Obama’s visit as a good investment. Now he’s reconsidered, in a post headlined, “Obama takes Palestinians for granted,” wherein he states that Obama exposed the fact that the U.S. can’t be an honest broker on the conflict. At every stop, he made clear that the United States is 100 percent […]

Lessons learned from a box of matzoh

Iris Keltz on

Matzoh (Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt) Matzoh, the Jewish bread of affliction, has a historical narrative that dates thousands of years. In our haste to leave Egypt, the land where we were slaves, the Israelites gathered their children, animals, belongings, and bread dough before it had a chance to rise, and before the hard hearted Pharoah […]

‘Better a battered dream than no dream at all’ –liberal Zionist lament

Philip Weiss on

Leonard Fein, the venerable Forward columnist and founder of Moment magazine, sent out a fundraising note on Passover to followers of Americans for Peace Now, the liberal Zionist group. It includes these statements: There is not only a promised land; there is also a promised time. And we are withal, still in the desert. Now […]