Geyer says ‘many Americans’ are displeased with special relationship

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This is bracing. In a piece on the Obama trip and America’s growing impatience with the special relationship, columnist and author Georgie Anne Geyer is frank about the sources of the Israel lobby’s power in the U.S., Jewish donors to the political process. I happen to agree with her– follow the money; and most Jews are Zionists– but agree or not, it’s the willingness to address the donor issue frankly that distinguishes her from Chris Matthews.

It’s a difficult relationship, that’s for sure, as Israel persists in the belief that the two countries, despite their mismatched size, have exactly the same strategic interests, and thus will never be called to honesty about their natural disparities. What that really means is that the U.S. must always be ready to supply Israel, whatever the threat and whatever its needs.

Many Americans have not been pleased with this imbalance between the two powers, and over the years these critics have tried to create an American/Israeli relationship that is more reasonable, that does not use Jewish campaign contributions to the party in power to ensure Israel’s every wish, and that would build a relationship that is fairer to both parties. But each time, these efforts have been derailed.

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