US Jews leave ‘Gatekeepers’ asking why we give money to Israel — says Oren, outraged

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The documentary “Gatekeepers” is now playing at two theaters in Westchester. Here and here. There are a lot of Jews in Westchester. And what do we care about Jews seeing the movie? Well, Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., does. He is quoted in Hebrew at Ynet:

“I’ve been hearing about Jews leaving the screening asking why we should keep assisting Israel”

This statement is not contained in the English translation of the piece. But that piece is itself stunning. Oren said that he intended originally to keep private his views of the film, which conveys the statements of six former Israeli security chiefs, except that there is now a massive struggle over the delegitimization of Israel in the United States. Some excerpts: 

Although he is an avid supporter of free speech, advancement of local film industry, Ambassador Michael Oren believes documentary in which Shin Bet officials slam Israel’s West Bank policy[is]  hurting country’s international image…

“In 2006, I taught at Harvard and at that time, an article by two professors, Walt and Mearsheimer, entitled the ‘Israel Lobby’ was published. In the past, things like this were considered incitement in the US, as if the lobby for Israel buys congressional seats. Nowadays, this is being talked about freely.”

The US ambassador added “we are at the pinnacle of this struggle and I am at its forefront. The other side is well aware of how to act and manipulate the media.

“And then I appear on a campus and a student gets up and says to me, ‘you are speaking of your desire for peace, but your former FBI head is comparing you to a Nazi state. What are your comments on that?'”

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