AIPAC sells ‘intoxicating’ donors’ conclave with endless wine (and Brazile, Begala and Fleischer)

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AIPAC announces its next “National Summit in California wine country,” this coming October. Video features countless images of grapes and wine-glasses and “great wine”– red being poured with sloppy gusto at :40– and promises of “intoxicating” conversation about the U.S. and Israel. I noticed lib Dems Donna Brazile, who can say nothing bad about Israel, and Paul Begala; no wonder I see them on MSNBC. And Iraq war promoter Ari Fleischer. Two day summit is for those who contribute an annual minimum of $3600, and costs $195

Says MJ Rosenberg: “Theme seems to be getting drunk on power and California wine. So the kids do Birthright to have sex, and their parents do AIPAC  to drink.”

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