Israeli soldier on Facebook: ‘There’s nothing better than a dead Arab’

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Racist Facebook comments written by anonymous Israeli soldier

One month ago today we reported on Israel’s changing image as an Israeli soldier’s Instagram photo of a Palestinian boy caught in an Israeli soldier’s crosshairs went viral and received worldwide attention.

Today Haaretz reports on a grotesque example of Israeli racism on social media. This time it’s a Facebook posting: Israeli soldier on Facebook: There’s nothing better than a dead Arab

An Israeli soldier has written “there is nothing better than a dead Arab” on his Facebook page, the second IDF soldier to post strongly anti-Arab sentiment on social media in as many months.

“The Arabs are the cancer of this country and must be dealt with,” wrote the soldier, a member of the Israel Defense Forces’ Golani Brigade. “There is nothing better than a dead Arab.”

The soldier also referred to a bus crash in Jordan last week in which Palestinians died. “I’m glad Arabs were killed,” he wrote. “I”ll be happy if not one Arab remains here, and I’m sorry only 14 were killed.”

Unfortunately, nothing too surprising here. We’re informed “IDF tells commanders to better monitor their troops.” The soldier was “called in for a talk” by his commander and removed the posting from his Facebook page. What can be done about the minds of these soldiers? Somehow I’m getting the impression the lesson they’re learning is not to post these things. But what about how the soldiers think? Is the Israeli military addressing that far more important issue, or don’t they recognize the inherent danger of these kinds of racist deadly thoughts?

(Hat tip Mondoweiss poster seafoid)

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