Why Fran Korotzer stopped saying ‘ethnic cleansing’ and started saying ‘genocide’

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Yesterday afternoon in the rain, a group of protesters stood outside Google headquarters in Manhattan to leaflet against Google’s partnership with the Israeli university the Technion (providing classroom space to students in the years till Cornell and the Technion are scheduled to open a new campus on Roosevelt Island).

Two of those protesters are Fran and Bud Korotzer. I talked with Fran, a retired clerical worker at Baruch College, about what she was doing there, and was moved by her softspoken but firm statements, by her appearance, and by her dignity in a humble service. Maybe you will be too. 

The interview’s long, so a guide: Korotzer first describes the importance of explaining Israel’s actions to people on the street in New York; at 2:00 explains why “ethnic cleansing” is too gentle a term for Israel’s actions against Palestinians; speaks of the strains in her relations with other Jews, some of whom can be nasty; describes diversity of opinion in the Jewish community; and tells me why it does not matter that she has never been to Israel. The blog on which she’s depended for information is Steve Amsel’s, Desert Peace.

The action was organized by New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (NYACT). It goes on every two weeks. Alex Kane wrote about it here.

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