‘NYT’ quietly buries Ben Ehrenreich’s piece

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As far as I can tell Ben Ehrenreich’s NYT Magazine cover story last Sunday (about popular resistance in the occupied village of Nabi Saleh) has vanished into the ether. It was studiously ignored, not least by the NYT, which wrote no editorial about it, and was then overshadowed by Obama’s trip.

This Sunday there is an interview with Mary Robinson in the magazine and several of the questions deal with the anti-semitism of Iran–the reporter informs us that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.  Maybe in a week or two there will be letters in the Magazine about Ehrenreich’s story, and then it will be as though it was never written.

On the editorial page today the NYT writes about the Turkey/Israel lovefest, and tells us that a UN commission found that the Gaza blockade was legal–nothing about the politics behind that or the lack of logic in the reasoning.  I remember Mondoweiss dissecting that issue and I participated and even I’ve forgotten most of the details.  If someone asked I wouldn’t be able to do more than stutter a little about why the NYT is being disingenuous.

I think it’s usually 2 steps forward and 3 steps back at the Times. They publish someone like Ehrenreich, just like they published Edward Said many years ago, but then they go on as though these pieces never existed and they move right back to the usual hasbara.  Ehrenreich’s piece was window-dressing.   

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