For backing ‘5 Broken Cameras,’ ‘Jewish Press’ smears Dustin Hoffman as has-been ‘figleaf’ with ‘Semitic nose’

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What an ongoing calamity Zionism is for the American Jewish community. On Saturday night in LA, Dustin Hoffman was to present a Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) award to Emad Burnat, the Palestinian co-director of the brilliant documentary “5 Broken Cameras” about resistance in occupied Bil’in. A disturbing article in the Jewish Press vilifies both Hoffman for daring to present the award and Burnat for daring to chronicle the occupation.

Update: Hoffman did not personally present the award. According to the communications director of the MPAC to Ira Glunts: “Mr. Hoffman was not able to attend our gala because he came down with an illness from his trip to Japan. He did send us a recorded message speaking highly of the film.”

Now that Jewish Press piece. Lori Lowenthal Marcus first provides the news, then the character assassination, then the “He’s not really Jewish stuff.” Along the way, she talks about his “Semitic nose.” Imagine if a non-Jew used such a description! And Marcus calls Burnat an “Israel-hater” because he has protested the seizure of his village’s lands by an illegal settlement. Thanks to Annie Robbins:

America’s favorite serious Jewish actor for much of the 1960′s and ’70′s, Dustin Hoffman, is about to present an award to a filmmaker at an event put on by the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The recipient of the award is a professional Israel hater, and MPAC is led by someone who publicly suggested Israel was to blame for 9/11 and who advocates for the removal of Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from the American terrorism list.  With Jews like Dustin Hoffman, who needs enemies?…

Hoffman’s movie roles have become more sporadic and less artistically and financially successful in recent years.

Perhaps that explains why he was willing to be used as the latest in a long series of Jewish “fig leaves,” for anti-Israel projects.  There seems to be no other reason why the Muslim Public Affairs Council would call upon Hoffman to present an award for a documentary film which portrays Israel in the worst possible light, with no balance or nuance….

Hoffman is someone whose Jewishness seems to have played very little role in his life other than as a trigger to anti-Semitic bullies, and the fact that his height, his nose, his nasal voice and his plucky, outsider roles are all stereotypically Jewish.  Hoffman recently spoke about the complete absence of anything Jewish in his life growing up…

with his honking nasal voice and Semitic nose

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