In ‘Haaretz,’ Hass says Palestinians have a ‘duty’ to throw stones, Levy cites Passover story in support

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The courageous journalist Amira Hass has set off an important dialogue in the Israeli press by stating that Palestinians have a duty to resist occupation by throwing stones. The defense of a form of violent resistance, published in Haaretz, has caused a furor– and prompted the courageous journalist Gideon Levy, also in Haaretz to explain that the use of violence to end oppression has a noble history, including on the part of Jews.

Levy specifically attacks Israeli exceptionalism, asking why is it that Jewish Israelis deny others a course they have followed? He cites the Passover service, when Jews tell “the story of a… freedom struggle… that included much more terrible calamities than rocks thrown at the deniers of liberty.” I.e., God brought plagues upon the Egyptians who enslaved Jews, including the killing of the first-born, that we celebrate. 

And they are supposed to bow their heads for another 46 years of occupation? Levy asks. It is very difficult to imagine two such pieces appearing in the US press. Though Ben Ehrenreich’s superb report in the New York Times Magazine on Nabi Saleh made Hass’s argument implicitly, no one is having this dialogue here, a dialogue that shines a harsh light on the conditions of Palestinian life. 

So here are excerpts of Hass’s piece, and Levy’s. (Thanks to Ilene Cohen and Vivienne Porszolt) Hass:

Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance. Persecution of stone-throwers, including 8-year-old children, is an inseparable part − though it’s not always spelled out − of the job requirements of the foreign ruler, no less than shooting, torture, land theft, restrictions on movement, and the unequal distribution of water sources.

The violence of 19-year-old soldiers, their 45-year-old commanders, and the bureaucrats, jurists and lawyers is dictated by reality. Their job is to protect the fruits of violence instilled in foreign occupation − resources, profits, power and privileges. 

Steadfastness (Sumud) and resistance against the physical, and even more so the systemic, institutionalized violence, is the core sentence in the inner syntax of Palestinians in this land. This is reflected every day, every hour, every moment, without pause. Unfortunately, this is true not only in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza, but also within Israel’s recognized borders, although the violence and the resistance to it are expressed differently. But on both sides of the Green Line, the levels of distress, suffocation, bitterness, anxiety and wrath are continually on the rise, as is the astonishment at Israelis’ blindness in believing that their violence can remain in control forever.

It would make sense for Palestinian schools to introduce basic classes in resistance: how to build multiple “tower and stockade” villages in Area C; how to behave when army troops enter your homes; comparing different struggles against colonialism in different countries; how to use a video camera to document the violence of the regime’s representatives; methods to exhaust the military system and its representatives  etc.  

So why are such classes absent from the Palestinian curriculum? Part of the explanation lies with the opposition of the donor states and Israel’s punitive measures. But it is also due to inertia, laziness, flawed reasoning, misunderstanding and the personal gains of some parts of society. In fact the rationale for the existence of the Palestinian Authority engendered one basic rule in the last two decades − adaptation to the existing situation. Thus, a contradiction and a clash have been created between the inner syntax of the Palestinian Authority and that of the Palestinian people.

Now here are excerpts of Levy’s piece:

The storm that was unleashed by Amira Hass’ important opinion piece, “The inner syntax of Palestinian stone-throwing,” was a welcome one. It laid bare at once the hypocrisy, or the ignorance, of large swaths of Israeli public opinion.

Hypocrisy, because the up-in-arms crowd ignores the original, fundamental, institutionalized and methodical violence of the very fact of the occupation and its mechanisms. Ignorance, because the implication is that the impassioned naysayers might not know just how cruel is the military tyranny in the territories.

In addition, those who accused Hass so furiously of “crossing lines” and “inciting murder” did not read her piece all the way through. It contains not incitement to murder, but rather a straight-on, fair and courageous apprehension of the Palestinian liberation struggle that is absent from the Israeli dialogue….

Rooted deep in the Israeli experience is the idea that what is permitted to the Jewish people is prohibited to others. But there is no need to go back as far as the time of Pharaoh. Ever since then, human history has been paved with freedom struggles against foreign rulers, struggles that earned the respect of history, and that were, in the main, violent, often more violent than the Palestinian struggle. The slogan “We’ve had enough of you, occupiers” is not exclusive to Arabic; it has been voiced down through history in nearly every language, including modern Hebrew.

Hass, like me, is against violence. I take the liberty to write that out of deep conviction. Who wants to see children killed by rocks, citizens torn apart by an improvised explosive device, or teenagers who have been shot?

But resistance to violence must be direct, comprehensive and fair. It must include the resistance to the occupier’s violence….

Now we must ask Hass’ detractors: What do you expect? What are you, patriots and supposed opposers of violence, offering the Palestinians? Do you honestly think they will bow their heads in submission and obedience for another 46 years? Is there an historical precedent for such behavior?


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44 Responses

  1. Cliff
    April 8, 2013, 11:05 am

    Palestinians are under military occupation and colonization.

    They have every right to fight back against their occupiers.

  2. OlegR
    April 8, 2013, 11:56 am

    If people kids or no kids throw stones at passing cars they are trying to kill (and have)
    the passengers.
    If they are trying to throw molotov coctails they are trying to kill, period.
    That makes them a fair game.
    The rest is silly semantics.

    • seafoid
      April 8, 2013, 2:49 pm


      How many Jews inside the green line have stones thrown at their cars?
      And how many miserable Jewish settlers are there the other side of the green line?

      Colonisation knows neither humanity nor justice.

    • Dutch
      April 8, 2013, 3:13 pm

      @ OlegR
      Maybe in your world, not in mine. These kids have the full right to resist the occupiers by any means available to them and you should help them. The rest is silly semantics.

    • marc b.
      April 8, 2013, 3:39 pm

      if soldiers and police shoot children and kill unarmed civilians engaged in peaceful protests, they are using deadly force without legal justification. that makes them fair game. the rest is silly semantics.

    • justicewillprevail
      April 8, 2013, 4:31 pm

      So Jews who attack and kill Palestinians, with far more lethal weapons than stones, are ‘fair game’ then? Or do they have the special exemption which the IDF have whenever they arrest, torture and imprison children? Your semantics aren’t even silly, they are just ridiculous self-serving nonsense. You have nothing to say, but keep saying it. Perhaps you didn’t notice the hypocrisy which is the point of the article, reserving for yourself the right to resist occupation and punitive dispossession, whilst denying it to others. That isn’t semantics.

    • Hostage
      April 8, 2013, 4:37 pm

      If people kids or no kids throw stones at passing cars they are trying to kill (and have) the passengers.
      If they are trying to throw molotov coctails they are trying to kill, period.
      That makes them a fair game.

      I think you’re missing the point. Israel is occupying Palestine, not vice versa. There are very few weeks that go by without reports of numerous Palestinian casualties. So ending the occupation itself is a valid military objective for the Palestinians. To quote the Harvard National Security Journal:

      Once in the uniform of an enemy state, any soldier, by commitment and allegiance, is a potential threat and thus a legitimate target, regardless of the degree of threat the soldier is actually posing at any particular moment: the relaxing, unarmed soldier, the sleeping soldier, the retreating soldier—all are legitimate military targets and subject to intentional targeting. No advance warning is necessary, no attempt to arrest or capture is required, and no effort to minimize casualties among enemy forces is demanded by law.

      In war, collateral damage to civilians, if proportionate to the military gain, is a legitimate, however dire, consequence of war.

      So if Israeli citizens are acting as agents of the State beyond its recognized borders or are members of the military, then they and their companions are legitimate targets. If attacks would help end the occupation or stop construction of more Israeli settlements and infrastructure, then the military gain would be legally justified according to many authorities on the laws of armed conflict.

      That wouldn’t necessarily be the case if the Israeli civilians were living on their own side of the international armistice line of demarcation.

    • MK_Ultra
      April 8, 2013, 8:13 pm

      Remember to tell yourself that when the IDF fires rubber-coated bullets and gas canisters at the heads of peaceful Palestinian protesters.

      If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me about the AIPAC trolls is how open minded and understanding they are when it comes to ISreal’s crimes but when the Palestinians fight back, there is no mercy.

    • Djinn
      April 8, 2013, 9:55 pm

      If people support ethnic cleansing, theft, occupation, arbitrary arrest & detention & murder for 60 odd years that makes them fair game. All the rest is silly semantics.

    • W.Jones
      April 9, 2013, 12:31 am

      If people kids or no kids throw stones at passing cars they are trying to kill (and have) the passengers. That makes them a fair game.

      In Russia, if little kids throw stones at cars, do police shoot them?

    • talknic
      April 9, 2013, 1:49 am

      OlegR “If people kids or no kids throw stones at passing cars they are trying to kill (and have) the passengers.”

      The GCs exist to protect all civilians from the likelihood of the consequences of the occupied resisting occupation.

      That consecutive governments of the Jewish state have ignored Laws, the UN Charter and Conventions adopted in large part because of what the Nazi’s did to our Jewish fellows, is quite sickening. That you defend these illegal actions puts you on a par

    • Sumud
      April 9, 2013, 2:26 am

      By that logic every squatter Israeli in the occupied Palestinian territories – settler and IDF – who fires a rubber bullet or tear gas canister is attempting murder. Period.

      Is that your claim?

      Aside, the tired old hasbara about Israel’s occupying soldiers is that they are constantly acting and reacting in self defence. But they are outside Israel’s own declared borders, and are therefore taking OFFENSIVE action by using violence and the threat of violence to maintain Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

      By definition, the IDF in the West Bank and Gaza are NEVER acting defensively.

      Oh yeah, don’t forget Israel has Fourth Geneva Convention obligations to protect Palestinians under occupation…

    • Cliff
      April 9, 2013, 5:01 am

      As opposed to the Jewish colonist and soldiers who steal and colonize Palestinian land.

      You are fair game – first and foremost.

      Don’t want rocks? Go back to Israel.

    • Cliff
      April 9, 2013, 5:01 am

      How many rock related deaths have there been Oleg?

    • Ecru
      April 9, 2013, 5:06 pm

      Throwing stones isn’t a way to kill people, it’s simple vandalism. If occasionally somebody gets killed that’s tragic but there are MUCH better ways to kill than using stones on rapidly moving metal containers.

      And kids are fair game? We already know Zionists think that (unless they’re Jewish kids of course when it somehow miraculously transforms into the most heinous of crimes) but thank you for at least being honest about it. For a change.

  3. pabelmont
    April 8, 2013, 12:08 pm

    It might be argued that, in the original Passover (story), it was God and not the Hebrews who did the violence — and the Palestinians should therefore await the advent of the strong oarm of god against the Israelis to end the occupation and the exile, not throw the stones they find on the ground.

    But the modern Hebrews, the Israelis, did not wait for God. they went directly to violence — terrorism against the Brits (1945-1947), terrorism against the Palestinians (1947-1948), war and war-crimes against the mostly undefended Palestinians (1948-the indefinite future, reading the tea leaves).

    “Oh, but our violencve was justifed and theirs isn’t” won’t wash.

    “Oh, but our violence succeeded and theirs hasn’t and won’t” is another story, the story (in a way) of might makes right, or better, might is might, and what has right to do with it anyway?

    Waiting for BDS is like waiting for Godot, or for God, but when and if BDS strikes Israel, to whom can Isaelis complain about the application of force by a stronger party? And on what basis?

    Meanwhile, a few stones.

  4. W.Jones
    April 8, 2013, 12:36 pm


    An Israeli using the Passover story to instruct other peoples they have a “duty” to throw stones?

    I know she has accepted their position as oppressed people, and I am glad she shows solidarity with them… Plus, there is a big a problem with a “liberal” conqueror instructing a dispossessed people that they are not allowed and must not use stones to resist their conquest, or else they are “terrorists”.

    Nonetheless, isn’t part of the idea of peaceful resistance against the conqueror’s metaphorical and real Wall the idea that you have the ability to choose another path? Besides that, the Exodus itself from Egypt was accomplished by nonviolent means. A big part of the nonviolent resistance is to show the moral rightness of the conquered. Granted, the conqueror does not promote this, so it is a tragic path too, I think. But what isn’t in such a bleak situation? Ultimately there is some redemption at least in the faith in one’s freedom.

    In any case, thanks for her sympathy.


    • sardelapasti
      April 9, 2013, 3:07 am

      W. Jones – What part of “right to resist military occupation by any means” is unclear?

      • W.Jones
        April 10, 2013, 1:47 am

        The phrase you used is clear to me, and it makes sense. Do you see how that phrase might be different than what I was talking about?

        Generally I sympathize with where the author is coming from, so I am not sure it is worth debating over this lesser point. To give another analogy, the director of the Great Book Robbery ended his movie by casting an aspersion on Palestinians for failing to take the book issue to the courts and make a major political campaign over it. Susan Abulhawa took issue with this claim, mentioning that a black person told her that white people had said so many times the way black people should overcome. So in this article I take issue more with the idea that Palestinians have a “duty” to use a certain method to overcome (particularly a violent one), which implies that should they only choose otherwise (like nonviolent civil disobedience) then they are not following that duty.

      • sardelapasti
        April 12, 2013, 2:35 pm

        Fair enough.

    • gamal
      April 9, 2013, 11:26 am

      “the Exodus itself from Egypt was accomplished by nonviolent means.”

      apart from the fact that there is no evidence for it i believe Jahweh had total air superiority, and acted in a less than peaceful manner, seen manetho’s version?

      • W.Jones
        April 13, 2013, 1:04 am


        What’s manetho?

  5. Obsidian
    April 8, 2013, 12:38 pm

    You know, Amira. It’s all fun and games till somebody loses an eye.

    • MLE
      April 8, 2013, 2:44 pm

      There’s a really easy way to avoid stone throwing. Stay in Israeli territory. Don’t live in the settlements in the West Bank.

    • amigo
      April 8, 2013, 4:29 pm

      yitzak shamir, one of the three leaders of Lehi after Yair Stern’s assassination, argued for the legitimacy of Lehi’s actions:

      There are those who say that to kill [Clifford] Martin [a British intelligence corps sergeant] is terrorism, but to attack an army camp is guerrilla warfare and to bomb civilians is professional warfare. But I think it is the same from the moral point of view. Is it better to drop an atomic bomb on a city than to kill a handful of persons? I don’t think so. But nobody says that President Truman was a terrorist. All the men we went for individually — Wilkin, Martin, MacMichael and others — were personally interested in succeeding in the fight against us. So it was more efficient and more moral to go for selected targets. In any case, it was the only way we could operate, because we were so small. For us it was not a question of the professional honor of a soldier, it was the question of an idea, an aim that had to be achieved. We were aiming at a political goal. There are many examples of what we did to be found in the Bible — Gideon and Samson, for instance. This had an influence on our thinking. And we also learned from the history of other peoples who fought for their freedom — the Russian and Irish revolutionaries, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Josip Broz Tito.[24]

      If good enough for your resistance against the british , why not good enough for Palestinians against Israeli aggression.

      Truth is , your illegal squatters have no business or right to be on those “Jews only roads” travelling between Jews Only illegal Settlements on Jews only buses.

      What fuel is your engine running on.

      Moldovian logic.

    • sardelapasti
      April 9, 2013, 3:08 am

      Obnoxious – You’ll lose more than one eye in that. They already lost everything thanks to you. Personally.

    • talknic
      April 9, 2013, 3:45 am


      “It’s all fun and games till somebody loses an eye”

      The Jewish ZIONIST state lost sight more than half a century ago.

    • Cliff
      April 9, 2013, 5:04 am

      Yes Obsidian, like Palestinian solidarity activist, Emily Henochowicz.

    • talknic
      April 9, 2013, 1:42 pm


      “You know, Amira. It’s all fun and games till somebody loses an eye”

      People aren’t using their eyes if they can’t see that illegally being in “territories occupied” might be dangerous and that a lifetime under occupation isn’t going to win the occupier much love

      That’s why the GCs exist, adopted in part because of what happened to our Jewish fellows under the Nazis. To have the Government of the Jewish state encourage its citizens to ignore them, now that really should be ringing alarm bells

  6. rensanceman
    April 8, 2013, 1:31 pm

    If there were not: controlled media, hasbara, AIPAC, Likkudnits, Jacobtinskys, Abe Foxmans, et al., the sheer weight of the fabric of injustices committed against the Palestinians will cause a collapse of this perverted colonial experiment. The Universal Code of Morality does not condone ethnic cleansing, genocide, apartheid, and the daily humiliations and threats to personal safety endured by them.
    As Obama said, the status quo is not sustainable. The Zionist experiment can not succeed. However, as long as Obama (like his predecessors) cravenly grovel at the feet of Israel, this historical aberration will continue to artificially supported.(Vichy and Quisling come to mind)

  7. amigo
    April 8, 2013, 2:04 pm

    Zionist exceptualism and hypocrisy.We can resort to violence when we choose but you the weak party must bow to our superiority.

    How many times have oppressors made that mistake and where are their empires now.

    It is all up for Zionism.It may take a few decades, but it will happen.

    Palestinian stones will not cause Israel,s demise.Israeli self indulgence will.

  8. DICKERSON3870
    April 8, 2013, 2:15 pm

    RE: “Rooted deep in the Israeli experience is the idea that what is permitted to the Jewish people is prohibited to others.” ~ Gideon Levy

    MY COMMENT: Rooted almost as deeply in the American experience is the idea that what is permitted to the American people is prohibited to others.

    SEE: Obama’s Divided Self – Papa Obama and President Drone, by Andrew Levine, Conterpunch, 4/01/13

    [EXCERPTS] . . . Over the past four years, a clearer image of our forty-fourth President has emerged.
    It turns out that Obama has two personae. Like the individual who was both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the Robert Louis Stevenson story, there is a benevolent Obama and a malevolent one.
    There is the parent who tries hard to be understanding and helpful, and who is never intentionally overbearing. Call him Papa Obama. And there is President Drone.
    . . . Obama seems to think that his words can work wonders. That was what led him to give a splendid Papa Obama speech in Cairo in 2009, at the outset of his first term. When the world didn’t then fall into line, he lost interest or perhaps he just decided that it would be expedient to let matters take their course. In any case, that was all there was to his opening to the Muslim world.
    Then when “hope” and “change” really did break out in Egypt and throughout the Middle East in the spring of 2011, Obama made sure that, as always, the U.S. would be on the wrong side.
    Ironically, it isn’t just Obama’s liberal apologists who struggle with delusions; evidently, Obama does too. Reality has been intruding on his faith in the efficacy of Papa Obama words almost from Day One.
    Put differently, the family circle has been shrinking.
    That is not surprising. The difference between good kids and those who lie beyond the reach of non-coercive parenting skills has always been imaginary. In Obama’s case, it is based on his internalization of the values, prejudices and affinities of America’s (and the larger West’s) elites. Reality was bound to intrude.
    So, by now, for all but a favored few, the love is gone. What is left is force.
    There is nothing new in that. Using or threatening to use force is what states do.
    This is axiomatic in modern political philosophy; states coordinate the behaviors of the individuals under their authority through the use or threat of force. Thus the great social theorist Max Weber famously defined the state as the set of institutional arrangements that exercise a monopoly over the (legitimate) means of violence within a given territory or over a given population.
    And it is how states have always dealt with other states. War and diplomacy are, and always have been, complementary extensions of one another.
    What is new are the means through which force can now be exercised. So far, President Drone has chosen to deploy drone technology only in parts of the world populated by peoples the West despises and about whom it knows little and cares less. . .


    • miriam6
      April 12, 2013, 8:46 pm

      RE: “Rooted deep in the Israeli experience is the idea that what is permitted to the Jewish people is prohibited to others.” ~ Gideon Levy

      Sometimes Gideon Levy is forced to retract and eat his words, however.

      As he was forced to apologise when it turned out his assertion that the majority of Israel’s Jewish population support “apartheid” in Israel was proven to be a huge distortion of what the poll actually revealed.

      Gideon Levy’s “meet the Israeli’s” was published on the MW site October 25th 2012.

      Mondoweiss published his original, false reporting on the poll but didn’t bother to take note of the significant corrections Gideon levy was forced to make to his incorrect poll findings.

      Haaretz published a retraction two days later BY Gideon Levy himself in which he apologised for trying to mislead people.

      Why therefore, is Levy to be trusted as a credible support and witness to the truth for Amira Hass?

      • miriam6
        April 12, 2013, 9:12 pm

        CLARIFICATION: The original headline for this piece, ‘Most Israelis support an apartheid regime in Israel,’ did not accurately reflect the findings of the Dialog poll. The question to which most respondents answered in the negative did not relate to the current situation, but to a hypothetical situation in the future: ‘If Israel annexes territories in Judea and Samaria, should 2.5 million…

        The above is the clarification published in Haaretz on 23/10/2012.

        Of course, MW has also published stories about the so-called forced “sterilization” of Ethiopian women that was also a distortion of what was really reported .

        An article by Natalie Rothschild ” is Israel sterilizing Ethiopian Women? Err no”

  9. American
    April 8, 2013, 2:50 pm

    The truth is you can count on one hand how many times since time immemorial non violence has ‘actually worked’ against an oppressor and liberated the oppressed.

    • Djinn
      April 9, 2013, 10:59 pm

      Even if that hand had previously had an argument with a chainsaw.

  10. RJL
    April 8, 2013, 2:50 pm

    Adults telling children to throw rocks-not pebbles-is considered a war crime, as they are using these “innocents” as a front. Several people have died as a result of these “stones”-more like large rocks, cement blocks, etc.-throwing their cars off course. This becomes murder. This isn’t non-violent protest.
    When are the Palestinian people going to understand Israel-your beloved “zionist entity”-isn’t going to self dissolve and surrender? They endorse a two state solution, and no mass “right” of return, but not national and personal suicide. It’s the Palestinian leadership, and those who support them, like you, Hass, and Levy, who are running on empty. Why don’t the Palestinians understand that Israelis cannot “give in” on their basic right of existence? What kind of Halcion cloud are they living in? Yes, Avi, etc.-phony names of course-will sink their teeth into this. Go.

  11. seafoid
    April 8, 2013, 2:56 pm

    Amira Hass has written 2 exceptionally important pieces in the last week. The first is the topic of this thread. the second is in today’s Ha’aretz.

    “The prisoners are a masculine society or subculture that praises and glorifies the values of aggressiveness and sees nonviolence as feminine,” wrote Daqa. “If a man espouses nonviolence, he is thought of almost as gay, as someone whose place is not among the freedom fighters. And of course, they don’t see any contradiction between being freedom fighters and [supporting] the repression of a man’s right to live how he wants, whether it’s a gay man or anyone else.”

    He continued, “The film has exposed the prisoners to something new. They suddenly discovered that the struggle of these ‘yuppies,’ these ‘spineless’ people from Bil’in and Na’alin, isn’t simple at all, but demands faith and sacrifice, and bears with it not a little risk. And suddenly they discovered that standing exposed to the barrel of a rifle, without any means of defense, reflects courage and bravery that are far greater than the bravery required to stand behind a rifle. And I would add that in order to stand behind that rifle and be a good gunman, all you need is to be a coward and a person who lacks ethics and values
    Israeli TV programs are one of the windows through which Daqa keeps up to date on Israeli society. On March 4, he wrote to Matar about watching the evening news, clicking between channels 2 and 10.

    “Over the course of the news broadcast, during half an hour, incidents of racism were reported that, taken individually, were not sensational stories, but the mass [of such reports] on its own is frightening,” he wrote.

    Daqa listed several news items: the attack on an Arab woman in Jerusalem by passersby; the attack on an Arab laborer in Tel Aviv; the similar attack two days prior on an Arab sanitation worker from Jaffa; the walkout of hundreds of Beitar Jerusalem fans from a soccer stadium when the team’s Chechen Muslim player scored a goal, and the separate public transportations for settlers and Palestinian workers from the West Bank to Israel.

    “If that’s what made it into the headlines, it’s reasonable to assume there are hundreds of incidents of racism that aren’t reported, not to mention the demolition of homes in Jerusalem or the settlers’ attacks on West Bank residents,” wrote Daqa. “This is a situation that requires urgent Arab-Jewish efforts. Not to come out with joint statements of condemnation and certainly not to use these incidents for political taunts, but to find the most practical ways of reducing the level of violence and making the majority see it as something contemptible.”

    “This kind of discourse should not define the Israeli-Arab conflict,” he wrote. “Such a discourse is very popular among and welcomed by religious forces on both sides. Through such wordings, an extreme religious discourse is being imposed, and it overrides common sense and repels every possibility of resolution. Fascism, all fascism, thrives on hatred and the absence of rational thought and rational politics.”

  12. Stephen Shenfield
    April 8, 2013, 4:55 pm

    It is not only Palestinians who throw stones. The settlers do too. One thing I noticed in Israel/Palestine was how many stones there are lying around everywhere. No doubt the Almighty left them there so that people could throw them at one another.

  13. seafoid
    April 9, 2013, 9:16 am

    Israeli exceptionalism is a joke.
    German exceptionalism didn’t work out very well either.
    Either we are all sacred or nobody is.

  14. RJL
    April 9, 2013, 12:52 pm

    Trying again-children coaxed into throwing stones is a form of child abuse, and a crime. Stones that hit cars, throwing them off course and killing the passengers, is a form of terrorism, and those stones aren’t pebbles, but boulders or concrete blocks. The slant of this site is to pretend that innocent little kids spontaneously go against the ever present, constantly repressive, evil ogre IDF soldiers or police who were created solely to menace and torment ordinary Palestinians so they shouldn’t live a normal life. BS. Many of these “evil” ogres are up at early hours to check papers for the tens of thousands of ordinary Palestinians, going thru checkpoints, who work in Israel to support their families, and I’ve seen myself how they often physically assist frail elderly people at these “evil” checkpoints while in transit for medical care, shopping, etc. And, these “evil” ogres aren’t located in most Palestinian towns. Does MDW, and the “brave” (who really butters her bread?) Amira Hess, ask themselves: why does, or should, Israel take in hundreds of Palestinians to treat, often for free, in their hospitals? Go visit either Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, Shaarei Zedek, and the hopefully still functional Bikkur Cholim hospital and see the proportion of arabs to Jews; furthermore, some of top surgeons there are Palestinian. Facts you guys, and gal, like to omit about the “evil” state.
    And yes, Yaakov DeHaan was murdered by a zionist leader, which was a crime. What DeHaan wanted to do, though I’ve read differing scenarios, was to pull off an agreement with Emir Faisal that would skip an eventual Jewish govt. in Palestine and unite Palestine with Jordan under arab rule, while allowing the Jewish community of Palestine to grow unhampered. This had to do with the wishes of the rabbis of the Old Yishuv (community) that believed there should be no Jewish governance in the Holy Land before Moshiach (messiah). I think it would never have worked-the truly evil el Husseini and his henchmen didn’t want any Jewish community in Palestine/the Holy Land/Israel, period. And please, don’t tell me a one state “solution” would let the over 5 million Jews residing now in “occupied” Palestine live freely, equally as “citizens” of a just, “democratic” and “secular” Palestine. Name me just one, democratic, secular, and functioning, arab state with a sizable Jewish population. Morocco is a liberal monarchy, with only 8,000 Jews, but hardly a real democracy. And all the nations surrounding Israel are crumbling, some fast, some slower. So long.

    • talknic
      April 12, 2013, 9:24 pm

      RJL ….

      “The slant of this site is to pretend that innocent little kids spontaneously…”

      Living a lifetime under occupation watching as the Occupying Power steals more and more territory, dispossesses more and more non-Jews from non-Israeli territory, is spontaneous? WOW!!!

      “Many of these “evil” ogres “

      Quoting yourself is straw Pajero

      “are up at early hours to check papers for the tens of thousands of ordinary Palestinians, going thru checkpoints …..”

      Ah, of course … the kindly soldiers volunteer to get up early, just to assist those they occupy. You’re hilarious …

    • mcohen
      April 12, 2013, 10:11 pm

      RJL says:
      April 9, 2013 at 12:52 pm

      ” And all the nations surrounding Israel are crumbling,”

      well stated

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