Double standard on killing collaborators


Yesterday we pointed out Yale scholar Marci Shore’s piece on the Times op-ed page about the Warsaw Ghetto resistance of the 1940s, and the ways in which this Jewish resistance was memorialized by Zionists as a foundational myth for the Jewish state.

Shore cited an often-overlooked fact: 

In October 1942, the Jewish Combat Organization carried out its first death sentence, assassinating a Jew serving as a policeman in the ghetto. They had to send a message: there was a price for collaboration.

Oppressed Palestinians seem to operate by a similar code. Last November political forces in Gaza killed six men accused of being informants for Israel and dragged the body of one through the streets of Gaza City.

But those actions brought round condemnation from valiant defenders of the civilized world. 

For instance, Jeffrey Goldberg tweeted:

This is what Hamas does to Palestinians it doesn’t like

The IDF spokesman tweeted:

Hey organizations: when drags bodies through the street, its time to condemn.

Sort of like terrorism. It’s barbaric– unless Jews do it.

P.S. Annie Robbins points out that Hamas condemned those executions.

Hamas’ Deputy Politburo chief Mousa Abu Marzook posted a message on his Facebook page condemning the execution of six people accused of being Israel collaborators.

He demanded that those behind the act be tried.

She notes that Hamas also kills collaborators, but after a trial.

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