Like Geo Wallace, Upper Nazareth mayor calls for segregation ‘for ever and ever’

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Last week we posted the declaration from the mayor of Upper Nazareth, a largely-Jewish city outside Nazareth, that he would resist Palestinians moving into the city– because the “innocent belief in the message of coexistence… posed a grave danger to the very existence of a Jewish community in the Galilee.” Palestinians would drive Jews away, said Mayor Shimon Gafsou; “it is time to guard our house.”

His statements drew condemnation. And Gafsou has now responded on Facebook. Thanks to Ofer Neiman, here is the translation from the Hebrew. I heard an echo of George Wallace’s famous line from 1963, “I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” 

A Haaretz article, published this week, claims I am a racist, and the reader comments are well-filtered, to generate a presumed public opinion which chastises me. And what’s all the fuss about? It’s about me declaring once more what is known to everyone: I as a mayor have acted decidedly and unequivocally, to preserve upper Nazareth as a Jewish city for ever and ever. For this they are calling me a racist, a fascist, a thug. [They] are planning a demonstration by a left wing group in front of my house [in order] to arrest me…

Haaretz, Israel Hayom (*), [MK] Ahmad Tibi, [MK] Ilan Gilon – they can all scream their lungs out. The residents of Upper Nazareth have come to reside in a Jewish city, and they are determined to keep it that way. We are the mountain people, strong and solid. No one will intimidate us! with courage and perseverance we shall keep guarding our Upper Nazareth, our home!

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