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May 31 2013

111 Tell Alicia Keys: Don’t entertain apartheid

38 Kerry and Blair’s $4 Billion Mystery Plan for Palestine: Crony capitalism under the guise of peace?

12 The Not-So-Complex World of Michael Bloomberg: When a white person does it, it’s not terrorism

12 Is Israel ‘Funtown’?

134 Updated: al-Aqsa Foundation discovers mass graves of Palestinians killed during the Nakba in Jaffa

12 Visiting Hollywood, mayor sells Jerusalem as location– ‘good business, good Zionism’

47 The ‘double standards’ issue and moral judgment of Israeli policies
Jerome Slater

23 ‘Scoop Israel’ — Stand With Us markets propaganda with Waugh’s cachet

10 Fifty years apart, Arendt and Butler represent the flowering of the Jewish prophetic in our time

14 ‘This time we were not forced to swim naked in the sea’: Gaza fishermen left jobless after illegal arrest in Palestinian waters

May 30 2013

1 Fundraiser in NYC for ‘Palestinian House of Friendship’ to support creative approaches to non-violent resistance

52 In confab over ‘Jewish democracy,’ Goldberg says the U.S. has plenty of ‘schmucks’ and ‘fascists’ too

14 At pricey Chicago fundraiser, Obama calls three leaders of J Street his ‘cabal’

21 Jim Crow amusement park in Israel features days for only Jewish students, days for only Palestinians

10 Sheldon Adelson’s trash talk of Palestinians (was parroted by Romney last year)

44 Roger Waters joins Alice Walker in plea to Alicia Keys not to play Israel

7 Conscientious objector Nathan Blanc outlasts the Israeli military, wins freedom

3 Talking points for Secretary Kerry Re: New Jerusalem

47 The lost city of Gaza (Part 1)

May 29 2013

8 Op-Ed: Sen. Schatz, the Israel visa waiver exemption bill promotes a process similar to Hawaii’s own history of colonization and exploitation

48 Alice Walker to Alicia Keys: Boycott, because Palestinian conditions are worse than they were in US South
US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)

18 Behind the story: A beating caught by settlers’ camera exposes violent encroachment on a village’s land

42 The Solyndra of Israel, adored by Tom Friedman and NPR, goes bellyup

20 J Street is no longer on outs with Netanyahu

6 New report shows Palestinians own only 8% of historic Palestine

5 Exile and the prophetic: Swords into ploughshares

61 Young people with American accents declare they won’t be ethnically cleansed from their ‘native land’ (Jerusalem)

56 Top Abbas Confidant: ‘I give up… We failed.’

May 28 2013

9 Israel steals gardens

32 Ben Ami on ethnocentrism, the blown Arab Peace initiative, and the ‘war of races’

52 If the US wants a two-state solution, it will have to impose it by force

28 Rick Steves travels to Palestine and comments on nearly everything but the occupation

2 Shackling the Scholar: Israel’s administrative detention of Palestinian students

22 How Israel’s government negotiates with terrorists

3 From behind bars: Palestinian cartoonistist Mohammad Saba’aneh’s drawing smuggled out of Israeli jail

3 Personal reflections on the Nakba

May 27 2013

40 Conjuring the ‘Jewish community’ to shut down debate of apartheid in San Francisco

44 Memo to the world: Israel is never leaving the West Bank

5 Exile and the prophetic: Kerry offers Palestinians a photo-op

0 Israel’s West Bank settlements grew by twice the size of New York’s Central Park in 2012

17 Ethan Bronner can’t stop going to lunch with Israelis

73 Chas Freeman on Israel’s self-inflicted existential crisis

42 Palestinian’s message to Kerry: ‘We do not trust you and America’

May 25 2013

2 Informant’s text messages shed new light on NYPD spy program targeting Muslims

15 Why did ‘NYT’ serve as platform for ‘military propaganda’?
Harold P. Hjalmarson

30 Reluctantly taking down monstrous orientalist video, college union in Israel protests that it got ’1000s of positive reactions’

112 George Orwell would hate Israel

2 First photographs of ‘Arabs with Altitude’ and Palestinian flag atop Everest

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Freeing the president

135 Why Palestine is different

2 PLO: Israel has built 16,000 settlement units over the past 3 years

May 24 2013

50 SF officials describe ‘apartheid’ label as ‘intolerance alienating the Jewish community’

65 In electric atmosphere, Medea Benjamin takes over the president’s speech

3 Bradley Manning blows chance to have a gay wedding

27 Weiner’s Park Ave apartment belongs to man whose ‘only agenda’ is Israel

5 UN and Hunter College events feature plight of Bedouin refugees, due to be expelled again from E-1

3 AIPAC promotes Netanyahu on two states (and ignores the statements from the rest of his government)

15 Jamal al-Dura calls on Israeli government to bring him his son

29 Kerry faults Israelis for complacency — peace isn’t ‘on the tip of everybody’s tongue’

1 Cornell SJP publishes ‘Notes on Palestine/Israel’ as an antidote to ‘dialogue’

14 Exile and the Prophetic: Notes from a ‘marginal Jew’

18 CBS stands by Bob Simon, blowing off CAMERA’s charges of anti-Semitism

May 23 2013

32 Video: Medea Benjamin interrupts Obama speech on US drone policy

63 Glenn Greenwald on the Woolwich attack and blowback from the ‘war on terror’

9 Church of Scotland accepts controversial report on Israel/Palestine
Ira Glunts and Adam Horowitz

11 Half of Israel’s eligible youth don’t enlist– and ranks of ‘gray resisters’ grow

17 Chelsea Clinton’s multifaith initiative

18 More on the ‘creepy’ al-Dura report

8 Exile and the Prophetic: Does John Kerry have the keys to Kafka’s (middle east) castle?

16 Wolf Blitzer looks for a religious state

56 Kerry goes for the Hail Mary, but Obama is punting

May 22 2013

19 ‘Forward’ piece on destruction of Palestinian neighborhood fronting Western Wall is not embraced by all ‘Forward’ readers

52 Israel cracks down on American travel to West Bank by requiring tourists to obtain military permit

3 Bradley Manning rally to feature Ellsberg, Ann Wright, Dan Choi, Sarah Shourd

10 Another ‘NYT’ piece buys Israel’s al-Dura report– which PA spox calls ‘fantastical’ racist propaganda

37 Jewish philanthropies stay away from org dedicated to Yiddish culture because it doesn’t focus on Israel or the Holocaust

9 Reporters Without Borders on the Israeli al-Dura investigation: ‘the nature and substance of this report are questionable and give the impression of a smear operation’

34 Obama’s secret wars in Muslim world make Americans vulnerable

9 ‘Al Jazeera’ reposts Massad piece, after censoring it

57 Biden says Jewish ‘influence’ behind American cultural politics is ‘immense… immense’

20 The etymology of anti-Semitism

7 Exile and the Prophetic: My name is the Church of Scotland and I am a recovering…..

4 Israel blocks UNESCO fact-finding mission to investigate assaults on holy places in Jerusalem

May 21 2013

14 Video: Paterson, NJ raises the Palestinian flag over city hall for Palestinian-American Day

7 Princeton students ‘come out’ for Palestine to overcome shame attached to issue in U.S.

11 Jim from Newport Township, Illinois asks the wrong question

32 There’s been a sea change in US opinion on the conflict

21 Former AIPAC lobbyist assumes weighty mantle (and travel budget) of US Special Envoy on anti-Semitism

13 Press Release: Isabel Kershner chosen to reveal future Israeli exonerations

2 As Israel’s occupation drags on, boycotts are one way forward

52 Both Massad, and ‘Open Zion’, ignore the experience of Middle Eastern Jews

17 Exile and the Prophetic: My Father’s death

22 Widely denounced as ‘propaganda,’ Israel’s report on al-Dura calls attention to 950 other child killings

35 New York City Council official urges Brooklyn College to hire ‘professor from Israel’

May 20 2013

46 Israeli report on al-Dura case is vengeful and ‘surreal,’ says Haaretz — but ‘NYT’ treats it as gospel

33 Mohammed Assaf, singing sensation out of Gaza refugee camp, torches Arab Idol competition

5 Activists call for a SodaStream boycott at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival

3 Video: Palestinian demonstrators break a hole in the wall during protest commemorating the Nakba

107 Kennedy’s insistence on right of return prompted Ben-Gurion to rewrite history: They fled ‘of their own free will’

4 Palestinian-American Raed Zidan plants flag on top of Everest, dedicates climb to political prisoners

12 Exile and the Prophetic: Disappearing Massad, disappearing Palestine

19 Lapid says ‘Israelis want peace and security and Palestinians want peace and justice’

11 Birthright guide turned US youths’ eyes away from refugee camps, settlements

May 19 2013

54 Two friends meet for 5 minutes in Jerusalem
Walaa Ghussein and Annie Robbins

30 Video: Soldiers aim guns at fallen boy’s head outside West Bank settlement

94 Abulhawa declines to ‘balance out’ several Israelis in ‘Al Jazeera’ forum on Nakba

11 Exile and the prophetic: The Jewish Identity Network

9 Trauma begins at home

11 CNN’s Tapper lends himself to claustrophobic discussion of unicorn– Israel’s survival as ‘a Jewish democracy’

May 18 2013

23 Church of Scotland’s revised ‘Promised Land’ report has softer edges but thrust is unchanged

20 Guatemalan genocide got assist from US, Christian Right, and Israel
Donald Johnson

93 Barbara Boxer’s visa bill for Israel comes under concerted attack

13 Exile and the prophetic: No dissenter is an island

37 Islamophobia is as widespread and acceptable as anti-Semitism used to be

May 17 2013

24 Demonizing Mandy Patinkin is a tough sell

17 ‘If I had to choose between the wealth of the world and going home, I would go back’

14 Rightwing Israeli group gets tax-deductible funds from US foundation

7 Intense video challenges Catalan and Spanish collaboration with the Israeli occupation

15 Exile and the Prophetic: Joseph Massad strikes again

17 NPR twice celebrates Israeli army– once as ‘rite of passage’ for minorities and beacon to US Jews

0 UNESCO to send fact-finding mission to Jerusalem following Israeli assaults on holy places

10 Turkish PM raises Mavi Marmara at White House press conf, calls grow for Obama to investigate killing of Furkan Doğan

12 Issue in the L.A. mayor’s race? Support Israel!

May 16 2013

18 Coalition says investigations into campus Palestine activism chill student speech rights

9 ‘My grandmother thought it was temporary’ — Huffpo features Nakba discussion with 5 Palestinians

15 The meaning of solidarity in the Palestine movement
Sandra Tamari

19 When ‘J’ means ‘Jewish’ not ‘Justice’

73 Washington Post’s racism map omits Israel

29 Clashes break out across the West Bank as Palestinians mark the Nakba

15 Christians denounce Israel’s manhandling of worshipers at Holy Sepulcher on Easter weekend; Israel apologizes to Egypt

27 Exile and the Prophetic: While the Church of Scotland dallies, the United Church of Canada forges ahead

36 Anthony Bourdain heads to Israel/Palestine

May 15 2013

42 ‘NY Times’ relays Israeli threat to attack Syria

17 ‘AP’ says Barbara Boxer is favoring Israeli travelers over American ones

3 In 1948 the Nakba was carried out by the military, in 2013 it continues in courtrooms

4 Exile and the Prophetic: The Nakba marches on

63 Uncompromising hope inspired by Ghassan Kanafani

21 Richard Engel says Syrian rebel journalists are ‘noble,’ but journalists whose cause is Hamas aren’t really journalists

2 In photos: Gaza marches and rallies mark 65 years of the Nakba

96 International Criminal Court opens preliminary investigation into attack on Mavi Marmara

3 Without return, Palestine will not be free

0 On the 65th anniversary of the Nakba, at least 45% of the total Palestinian population worldwide are refugees

7 Infographic: An Ongoing Displacement – The forced exile of the Palestinians

9 The Ongoing Nakba: The continuous forcible displacement of the Palestinian people

May 14 2013

1 New York students rally for divestment outside pension fund headquarters

36 Im Tirtzu protests ‘nakba bullshit’ at Tel Aviv University

56 Dershowitz should stop lying about Tutu’s record

40 Beinart’s challenge, Beinart’s fear

2 Exile and the prophetic: Jump-starting the prophetic

18 Newseum honors newsman who ran guns for ethnic cleansing of Palestine

15 1 paragraph for Syria, 1 for Afghanistan, 5 for Israel/Palestine in Obama’s NY fundraising speech

May 13 2013

69 Israeli airport sorts passengers with ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’

9 The Newseum’s ‘further investigation’ must be public, credible, and thorough – and what we should do if it isn’t

16 Washington state bus-ad campaign dares to state: ‘Equal rights for Palestinians’

36 Boston Globe’s groundbreaking salute to BDS will bring ‘fierce criticism,’ US Campaign says

14 Exile and the prophetic: Peter Beinart’s ‘I love Israel’

62 ‘Newseum’ folds under pressure, will not include Gaza cameramen in program honoring fallen journalists

1 Israel fires at Palestinian fisherman in Gaza and confirms military-controlled buffer zone three times larger than previously reported

May 12 2013

31 Mother’s Day in Seattle features a Nakba exhibit downtown

15 J14 is back– and still has nothing to say about the occupation

33 Another landmark: ‘Boston Globe’ honors Hawking’s boycott as nonviolent effort to pressure Israel

10 Exile and the prophetic: Encountering Otto Maduro

May 11 2013

88 Glenn Greenwald brings facts and reason to ‘Real Time’, ruins Bill Maher’s night

40 San Francisco bus ads condemn Israeli apartheid: backlash begins

54 The power of Stephen Hawking

21 Latest Geller ad seeks to mute criticism of Israeli apartheid

13 Exile and the prophetic: The Jewish code of silence

0 Occupiers demolish houses, iron shop, and dozens of olive trees

60 More on the Church of Scotland’s controversial report on occupation

11 B’Tselem report delivers blow to narrative that November attack on Gaza was ‘surgical’

May 10 2013

62 Church of Scotland backs away from boycott call in the face of pressure
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

6 On Monday, NYC-area students will bring national Divestment Action Day to TIAA-CREF headquarters

20 Say ‘thanks’ to Stephen Hawking

19 ‘Newseum’ comes under pressure from Israel supporters for honoring Palestinian journalists killed in Gaza

53 Jerusalem Day response – ‘the only statement we make on Jerusalem Day is our thanks for the freedom to live and pray in our holiest city’

149 Dershowitz calls Hawking an ‘ignoramus,’ a ‘lemming,’ and likely an anti-Semite

6 Exile and the Prophetic: Henry Siegman — Elder Jewish (prophetic) statesman

5 Video: Vomit for Civil Rights — Israeli performance artist protests racism in Nazareth Illit

7 Senator Boxer’s far-fetched defense of the visa waiver exemption for Israel

14 ‘What about Iran and China?’ attack on BDS draws boos from the commenting crowd

38 The Samson complex: Israel again rebuffs peace with the Arab world

May 9 2013

27 Jerusalem Day’s unforgiving mix of nationalism and Judaism

11 Ethnocracy on display: Cabinet ministers approve Israeli plan to forcibly displace Bedouin citizens

9 Musab Shawer sentenced to 5 months as Israel continues to target journalists

78 Israeli right-wing flys off the deep end following Hawking boycott

38 US promotes regional states/Israeli alliance against Iran while leading provocative naval drills in the Gulf

1 Exile and the Prophetic: Leaving Palestine behind represents the victory of Empire Jewishness

160 US Jews are so ‘polarized’ over Israel they can’t talk about it to each other, ‘Jewish Chronicle’ reports

42 Walt and Siegman urge Washington to imagine a future without the two-state solution

May 8 2013

30 One-woman wrecking crew of Jewish community’s image, Geller brings her show to Toronto

275 ‘The policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster’: Stephen Hawking pulls out of conference hosted by Shimon Peres, backs academic boycott of Israel (Updated)

19 Colbert lumps opposition to Palestinian freedom with opposition to marriage equality
Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

28 We cannot fix the national problems of Syria

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Triaging Palestine

5 Statement in support of Professor Richard Falk

9 Thoughts about our role and work as Jews committed to justice in Palestine

5 Israel approves draft law to displace dozens of villages and tens of thousands of Bedouins in the Negev

10 Chomsky endorses Albany, NY ‘Stop $30 Billion Military Aid to Israel’ billboard
The Coalition to Stop $30 Billion

May 7 2013

56 The three whoppers of Alan Dershowitz

17 Israeli right denounces reported settlement freeze, promised by Netanyahu to Kerry

51 It’s in Jerusalem’s DNA to be under ‘sole Jewish rule,’ mayor declares

5 Jabara’s classic ‘Zionism: Racism or Liberation?’ deserves a new life

104 Mainstream turns against intervention, this time (Tom Friedman has spoken)

79 Shared values?

40 Sen. Boxer is on the defensive over legislation OK-ing Israeli discrimination against Arab-Americans

4 Exile and the Prophetic: Getting Israel ‘right’

3 New York mayoral candidates debate police spying on Muslims and Brooklyn College BDS panel

May 6 2013

13 Arab League slights boycott of Israel by backing ‘land swaps’

14 Oberlin College Student Senate votes to support divestment from companies profiting from Israeli occupation

9 Exile and the Prophetic: Vultures over Syria

39 Israeli minister: Google decision to recognize Palestine ‘pushes peace further away’

2 In photos: Palestinian Christians welcome Easter’s ‘Holy Fire’ to Gaza

1 Video: Aided by Israeli soldiers, settlers attack West Bank village Ras Karkar

38 Syria wrap: Grumbling This won’t be easy, NYT’s Bill Keller suits up for another Mid-East war

May 5 2013

22 Fear of democracy– Netanyahu calls for Palestinian deal so as to avert ‘binational state’

21 Exile and the prophetic: the Church of Scotland weighs in

21 Hagel, Livni and Free Syrian Army commanders reported to gather in D.C. at behest of Israel lobby

May 4 2013

118 Israel strikes Syria, explosions rock Damascus like ‘an earthquake’

10 It’s World Press Freedom Day, and cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh is locked away

0 Israeli court orders demolition of part of a mosque in Jerusalem

8 Another awakening: US travel sites feature West Bank as tourist destination

0 Exile and the prophetic: Google Palestine

6 Lapid makes pilgrimage to Tel Aviv home of Sheldon Adelson

72 Fayyad warns Obama: ‘A state of leftovers is not going to do it’

6 Jason Collins struck a blow against racism, too

May 3 2013

16 Islamophobic ‘Foreign Policy’ article compares Boston bombing and Palestinian resistance to occupation

10 Exile and the prophetic: State swap

11 Penny Pritzker’s support for Israel played crucial role in Obama’s rise

39 ‘NPR’ suggests that opponent of Syrian intervention has dual loyalty

17 Google recognizes Palestine

9 Legal fight continues against NYPD spying on Muslims: an interview with civil rights lawyer Jethro Eisenstein

2 Down with Veolia: The University of Sheffield Palestine Society celebrates university’s decision to drop Veolia

May 2 2013

16 Video: Palestinian refugees from Syria speak out

4 US State Dep’t echoes David Sheen’s documentation of Israeli racism toward refugees– as infiltrators, disease-bearers

15 What you need to know about Bradley Manning

229 Land swaps in Israel/Palestine (and a bridge for sale in Brooklyn)

May 1 2013

11 Palestinian-American lineman Oday Aboushi drafted by his hometown team, the New York Jets

48 ‘Strategic Partner Act of 2013′ would give US seal of approval to Israeli discrimination against Arab-Americans

16 After Foxman OKs surveillance of American Muslims, John Lewis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and EJ Dionne attend his gala
Phil Weiss and Alex Kane

58 Anonymous sources in the Israeli US Embassy don’t like what they see on television

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Introduction to Jews and Empire 101

17 The gun lobby, the Israel lobby, and the double standard

3 Following fatal stabbing, Israeli settlers rampage in the West Bank

9 Close Guantanamo now